I have a few suggestions for camp items and such. Some of which I’m sure has been asked for already.

As the title. I was trying to build a lil shack to live out of in the game but it got me thinking about why we don't have or can't do certain things without glitching.

  1. Door frames with the door section to the sides rather than the middle of a wall. So you can have a door on the corner of a foundation. So the doors can be like this. This alone will give players more space to build inside their camps.
  2. Walls that are the same height as a door. To add to the above. So can make lil shacks like this, Insides
  3. Some way to place doors on foundations without the need of walls. Have it snap to 3 places, Middle and edges. Like how the Metal post in the stairs section can. Like pictured in the link in number 1
  4. More camp stuff like what Fallout 4 had. In the sense of like either prefabs or stuff you have to put together.
  5. Curved walls and foundations
  6. Roofs that are a tad longer so when placed on walls there is over hang
  7. Half roofs that can be attached to flat roofs
  8. Roofs with a ever so slight slant. Like the Wood Shack Roofs in Fallout 4
  9. Prefabs of houses you can find around Appalachia that we can place in our own camps to use.
  10. Placeable items for table decorations. Plates, Knifes, Forks ect
  11. Small fireplaces or heat sources to use inside small shacks/rooms for decoration.
  12. Desks with terminals that can be used. Either by a whole desk with a terminal on it. Or allow us to place a terminal that looks like the ones around Appalachia on tables and desks.
  13. Beds with pillows or a camp item that is a pillow that we can place down. Getting tired of using my hands as a pillow and not been able to use that comfy pillow thats sitting in my stash.
  14. Door frames with windows on the sides or one side so the door is on the corner of the walls
  15. Walls/door frames with windows in them that are the height of a normal door. That can be used with number 1 and 2.
  16. Walls with open holes for windows. Like how some of the Fallout 4 prefabs have.
  17. Lil metal coverings that can be placed over the top of a door. Like this lil thing
  18. Walls, Door frames and windows that are not flat. Bay window for instance.
  19. Some form of lookout tower we can build in our camps or attach to the sides or roof of our camp builds that the top can be reached with either spiral stairs or stacked cases.
  20. Allow us to place stairs on the edges of foundations so there is no gap on one side. Like this. We could make our own lookout towers if we can places stairs like this.
  21. Stairs like the one the overseer uses in her new home.
  22. More upper floor variants for the half and quarter pieces.
  23. Allow us to attach the quarter upper flooring to stairs.
  24. More foundation variants. But in the sense of the base looking different. Like instead of the wood or concrete one. What about a rock one like the foundations on this
  25. Interior walls. The overseer has them so why can't we? D:

Thats all I can think of right now.

Edit: Thanks for the silver award who ever you are. I'm not sure what it does but thank you c:


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