I just finished Nuka-World for the first time, and wanted to share my thoughts. (More of a rant, though)

Content of the article: "I just finished Nuka-World for the first time, and wanted to share my thoughts. (More of a rant, though)"

After avoiding it for many years, I finally started playing Fallout 4, and, surprisingly, it isn't as bad as I expected it to be (Granted, I installed a dialoge mod almost immediately, what were they even thinking?). However, I just finished (?) the Nuka World DLC, and I feel so disappointed that I came here to rant a bit.

In terms of worldbuilding, I loved it. The Theme Park theme is actually a great way to encapsule many distinct worlds in a single place, and most of them were really well done IMO. Likewise, the Raider factions were, at least aesthetically, very interesting. I especially enjoyed the Pack's colorful attires and masks. Even the premise of becoming a Raider was interesting.

The problem lies in actually having to play it. The first mission, with the gauntlet, was very interesting at first, but it gets very boring very quickly. It goes on forever with little to no variation. Turret-filled room followed by a bomb-filled room, followed by another turret-filled room and on and on. Then comes the mission of retaking the park. This was rather tedious as well, particularly Kiddie Kingdom and the World of Refreshment. One of my greatest annoyances with this game in general is that it appears to believe that challenge=an insane amount of enemies running relentlessly towards you, and those two worlds felt on par with that motif (The galactic-themed world had a bit of this going for it as well, but since I have the Robotics Expert perk I just hacked my way through it).

Then, after you have secured all the parks and gained favour with one or two factions and annoyed the rest (which is one of my favorite aspects of this DLC), you have to return to the Commonwealth and quite possibly sh*t all over you progress with you settlements. Honestly, why would they do this? The DLC becomes available at level 30, at which point you will, most likely, have at least one or two settlements. In my case, when I got around to doing Nuka World, I had unlocked around 12 settlements and maxed a couple of them, so I wasn't eager on raiding them. I ended up choosing a settlement I hadn't yet unlocked and Preston, not only hated me, but became hostile, so I couldn't even go back to Sanctuary without him attacking me. And there's no way to progress on the DLC main questline without doing this, so I had to cut it short and kill everyone, which was very dissapointing.

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One of my major grievances with the DLC's of FO4 is the presence of the Commonwealth. I still haven't finished Automatron because it's very underwhelming having to do everything in the Commonwealth. Nuka World takes it to another level, however, because in order to play it, not only do you have to go over and over to the Commonwealth, but you must roll over everything you have done so far. It's such a shame, as I feel like there was a lot of promise for this DLC in particular and was eager to play it. At least we still have Far Harbour

Anyway, what do you think about Nuka-World?

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