I learned a hard lesson with Fallout 1

Content of the article: "I learned a hard lesson with Fallout 1"

The lesson being this: never save when you’re in combat, and having multiple saves of your character is your best friend. I was so pissed that the level 12 character that I had invested so much time into was gone due to the save being corrupted through my actions.

Well, at least I had a blast learning about the history and nature of FEV at the Glow through both ZAX and all of the experiment logs scattered throughout the facility. I found it genuinely interesting that the reason why super-mutants are sterile is that when FEV is introduced into a uninfected subject, the haploid cells of the subject (your sperm and egg cells for those unfamiliar, and are by design only have half of your 46 chromosomes with the opposite haploid cell providing the other half in fertilization) are considered to be “broken”, so the FEV “fix” these cells to have all 46 chromosomes which makes FEV subjects effectively sterile. Even with the logs stating that those with FEV could be functionally immortal, the supposed “master” race of Super-Mutants that would supposedly bring about a new golden age would die out one way or another. And what’s not to say that there wouldn’t be contingents of Super-Mutants that would break away from Unity and form their own tribes in the hopes of acquiring ultimate power for themselves.

With the Vault Dweller I was playing, his reasonings for not wanting to become a super-mutant is other than Vree’s report and the FEV logs he found in the Glow is that he didn’t want to run the risk of losing his intellect (8 INT with the BOS INT implant making it 9). In his encounter with Harry the Super-Mutant in Necropolis before killing Harry, he was able to somehow convince Harry that he wasn’t a normal but a super-advanced robot that looks like a normal human (especially funny knowing that Fallout 4 has its 3rd Gen Synths that look like humans). For me the player, it was hilarious, but for the Vault Dweller, it was very concerning how dumb this mutant was. The Vault Dweller in his moments of contemplation considered the possible benefits of becoming a super-mutant but ultimately decided that the intellect con in particular outweighed the possible benefits. He reflected that when he had first left Vault 13 to find the Water Chip, it was his intelligence that helped him survive the Wastes. He had seen the folly of disregarding tactical thinking and using only brute force to solve your problems. How he was able to kill so many Super-Mutant who for all intents and purposes were his physical superiors, was by outthinking them (Power Armor and a Sniper Rifle also helps).

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My Vault Dweller also had some moral objections to becoming a Super-Mutant. Unity was very much “end justifies the means”, a philosophy that my Vault Dweller vehemently despises. People that were just trying to survive and live life as best they could given their situation were kidnapped and forced to become Super-Mutants. Lily of Fallout New Vegas is proof of that.

Pardon me, I got a little bit carried away with all this talk of FEV, Super-Mutants, and my Vault Dweller instead of talking about my only save of this character which got corrupted. I was just so damn invested in completing this game, and I didn’t know that saving while in combat would cause my save to become corrupted. I was so demoralized by this that I’m instead playing the Ezio Trilogy of Assassin’s Creed as a bit of a coping mechanism. I’ll more than likely start a new game in Fallout 1 to get back to the point my character was, but that time hasn’t come yet.

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