I lost a really good online friend to lack of content and I wish Bethesda would care.

A really good online friend of mine just left the game to play a different one and it sucks. He was a good member of the squad and always helped everyone out with everything.

He’s a level 625 Bloody crit build and runs around with a Q50c25 Railway and a Q2525 Fixer and can solo the bosses in less than a minute.

On his departure from the game he made a few very good point for end game content.

1) He should NOT be able to solo bosses in less than a minute.

2) there’s nothing for him to do besides run nukes for the server.

3) a Quad weapon (like the Q2525 fixer) should NOT be just as powerful as a B2525.

4) there should NOT still be day ONE bugs in the game.

5) even when the new update comes out next month what is he going to do? Build a new camp and run a new daily ops for a 0.01% chance of getting new plans that will almost never drop?

6) the reward system is absolutely terrible, the RNG sucks, and all the limits in the game (scrip limits, cap limits), make the game nothing but a grind to nowhere. He compared it to a gambling addiction.

7) Bethesda refuses to take cues from other successful online games to push their own agenda.

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8) the stash box should be shared between ALL characters like in other successful online games.

This just to name a few of his long list of reasons. It really sucks. The game lost a good one. He spent a lot of his time helping new players, building them armour and weapons, helping out others with builds (including me), and was just an overall good players that made the game fun.

But all of the reasons he spoke of, have been spoken of many time over the years.

Which tells me Bethesda IS in fact not listening to push their own agenda.

You would think after Todd’s latest interview where he said himself that Fallout 76 was a mess upon release, and there wasn’t many things they DIDN’T mess up, that he would want to listen more to the community to try and make this game more successful.

Guess we were wrong.

Source: reddit.com

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