I love this game, when I don’t hate it

Content of the article: "I love this game, when I don’t hate it"

So I'm a new player, almost level 27. A few days ago I hit 25 (life and work keep me from playing much) and started the excavator power armor quest. I read ahead on it and knew about the black titanium. I had plenty of everything else so I started farming mole miners in Welch. I finally get enough and realize id been using acid on other things. No problem, I'll go hunt Abraxo and fertilizer. While doing that I got the schematic for the lever action rifle, which was huge for me, so I make and scrap as many as I can for mods. Oops, now I have no screws. OK, off to farm typewriters and globes. So, after DAYS of this, I found Whitesprings and that one store full of workbenches so now I don't have to go to Garrahan and get wrecked by that assaultron every time, but then find out I have to register my armor. Wtf, whatever. Get that done, I'm feeling good, super happy, so I go back to my camp to set up a PA station and display my new armor.

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There's a scorchbeast flapping around my camp. Fine, I log to change servers to get rid of it.

Nope, still there.

Screw it, got my shiny new armor, got a nice lever action, plenty of stims and quantums. I figure I can try it. Shoot him, then realize its a 2 star legendary, but my astronaut friend helps and I'm using the mysterious stranger card for kicks, so I go for it. After a very long, drawn out fight, I use all my items, all my grenades, and the beast is down to almost nothing. I see in the background my camp is a shambles, but whatever. Just as I go in for the kill, my gun breaks. All I have left is the sword from the Mistress of Mystery quest, but the scorchbeast just laughs and wrecks me. I die, respawn, its full health again but everything is gone. Gun wrecked, camp looks like hell, and I have no resources left to try again. I rage quit and watch some Phineas and Ferb to calm down. Go back in, Scorchy is gone so I rebuild everything. SCREW THIS GAME!

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Can't wait to play some more.

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