I Spent Hours Hunting For Cement (And Strayed Far From The Start) LONG POST

So, I’m a new player, not sure how active this sub is anymore. I got 76 on sale, used for like 5$, felt like a steal even with the additional subscriptions I’d have to buy to play privately.

I was looking through the Atomic Shop and got interested in the abandoned mine shelter, thought that’d be super cool to use as my base. It didn’t take much, and the only thing I was missing was some concrete. Easy fix, I googled where is spawns nearby.

Cue my trek, very early level, to the underside of a massive bridge down the 95-something road. I didn’t find the cement, but I did get chased by a small horde of Super Mutants— very persistent guys, really— who I wasn’t able to chip much damage into before they killed me.

And so I respawn near as I can, and try to sneak over to grab my dropped loot. I’m not a stealthy fella, so they spot me as I’m stuffing my pockets with scrap and such, and renew the chase. This hell loop lasted quite a while before I finally juked them and ran away for good.

Still didn’t have the cement, so I looked up merchants with it. All three I found were at the Big Bend Tunnel, either end. So I pulled up my big boy pants and set out a-trekkin’!

Followed a railroad most of the way, along the way I had really brief flash backs to DAI, where I’d get chased down by big grizzly bears who tanked my wimpy hits. Yoogie Bear and his Yao Guai buddies chased me off a cliff, but not before taking chunks of my health away.

I skidded off my original path down a rock wall several stories high, saved only by the skin of my teeth. I may as well have been biting into the rocks to slow my fall! Remarkably, I land unharmed and discover a new location. Lucky Hole Mine, I think? It had some interesting cult folk, but they weren’t hiring this traveler.

They had guns and I had a nearly broken sickle, so I did what I’d gotten really good at— running away! Shortly after, I make it to the Bend, and visit both merchants I could find… who were not selling cement that day.

I set up camp, healed up, and decided to continue exploring on the off chance that I might randomly encounter it in the world. My first stop was to travel to the Whitespring Resort— very fancy, I loved it— and pick up their holos for a misc quest. After picking up the ones inside, I ventured into Ghoul Turf right outside and grabbed the last two by the skin of my teeth. A glowing one appeared, and in a desperate bid to survive I ate all my food and meds while perched out if reach, and slashed at him with my melee and Molotov’s.

The robots came by on patrol and ended up killing it for me, and so I finished the quest direly needed supplies. Went to look at the merchants inside, there were a lot, and used all my caps to buy a single stimpak… wise, I know.

Out if curiousity I look at the rest of the Robot Staff’s merchants, and come across the motherlode of surprises. One of the bots sold bulk cement. More than enough I’d need!

And I had 9 caps left. Even if I sold my whole inventory to them, I still wouldn’t have enough.

So, I fast-raveled to my camp and rested. Used the last of my caps to teleport to the waylaid-wanderer whoever. I went on some jobs for them, and eventually had just enough to buy one order of bulk cement from the robot.

I go back. I buy the cement. I find a nice spot to set up my base camp. I BUILD THE ABANDON MINE. And now I can finally start playing the game for real. 🙃


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