I think Florida would be an amazing Fallout location

Content of the article: "I think Florida would be an amazing Fallout location"

No offense but I think we can agree that the slightly generic "rural south" theme of 76 is disappointing and a poor attempt to re-capture the magic of FO:NV. I didn't even know FO4 was supposed to be in Massachusetts until somebody told me, (which to be fair to all my southern gamers, MA was always a much worse choice of setting than West Virginia—it's just more obvious why WV was chosen). However I don't think that means that there isn't anything further Fallout could derive from Americana, or that the last interesting American locations have been used up.

So after a discord discussion I thought I would share some ideas a few friends and I had for what a Florida setting could add to Fallout:

  1. Radioactive Snorkeling and Scuba-diving. If they can build suits that can protect people from radiation in the air, why not radiation underwater (also I'm no physicist but I believe radiation travels in water much differently than in the air? Something about nuclear energy safety pools being surprisingly good at storing radiation? I don't know)
  2. Radioactive swamps and beaches mean mutant swamp and sea monsters, not to mention all the snakes and gators already native to the area that could be supersized (or miniature? I know the trope is radiation makes things bigger but what about a ravenous swarm of micro-crocs? Maybe a play on swarms of mosquitos/a new focus on spray type weaponry?)
  3. Last creature point—Florida is somewhat infamous for it's invasive species problem, the whole joke about people flushing baby gators down the toilets in new york takes on a new meaning in a post-tiger king era. Florida could be a really good excuse to bring in mutants and monsters based in non American-native plants and animals.
  4. Sunbelt iconography/Miami Vice. Florida was one of THE most popular states post-WW2, both for living and vacationing, maybe it would make sense for Florida to remain one of the more populated areas in the post-apocalypse. Or maybe you could do some of that "stuff isn't as good now" commentary that seems to be really popular in games of the past 10 years or so now. Maybe some recent changes in radioactive wildlife or local politics have been pushing more survivors out of Florida.
  5. The cultural divide, just as the terrain in Florida ranges wildly so do the people, much like in FO:NV it would be incredibly easy to set up distinct subcultures between the more populated shores and beaches and the more remote tribes and loners living in the swamp. Post-nuclear swamp people vs post nuclear beach boys.
  6. Florida has a wild reputation and I think there would be a lot for writers to take inspiration from, even if not fully based in the area. Florida's proximity to Cuba, the popularity of modern Florida retirement homes and communities, the insane personalities Florida is associated with. Maybe the elite of the Florida post-apocalypses have carried on trying to "domesticate" quirky and dangerous mutants, maybe Florida has some shady elites trying to re-introduce the interstate-vacation industry, maybe some Floridians are trying to start up a new government
  7. Post-nuclear knock off Disney World.
  8. Different terrain means different town and vault types. Maybe some vaults were underwater or have since been flooded, maybe some towns are now above or under the water. East coast shore towns commonly use stilt housing to avoid flooding, maybe we could see some neat stilt towns or swamp treehouses? Militant 'prepper' communities? Boat trading ports?
  9. Southern snake handling. There are some…colorful churches down south, both megachurches and tiny communal fire-and-brimstone-hold-this-snake churches. Maybe over the years some rituals slowly changed and some texts were confused….faction of snake-worshipping people?
  10. Fallout deep-sea fishing
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