I think I solved the mystery behind Glory’s missing Synth Component.

Content of the article: "I think I solved the mystery behind Glory’s missing Synth Component."

I just wanted to comment on Glory's missing Synth Component. I don't believe it is a mistake.

Thanks to Fallout 3's quest, "The Replicated Man" we know that The Railroad has the ability to remove Synth Components from Synths without killing them. While speaking with Victoria Watts during this quest, she will give you an "Android Component" to be given to Dr. Zimmer in an attempt to throw him off of Harkness' trail. She tells us, "It's an internal component from the very android you're searching for." Unfortunately, she continues with, "Don't ask how I obtained it." in typical, secretive Railroad fashion. This would seem to confirm that the Railroad, or at the very least some of it's members, are able to remove these components from androids/synths without killing them. I watch tons of these videos and I don't recall anyone ever bringing this up. It seems like people think the only way to retrieve a synth component is by killing the synth it comes from, but this spits directly in the face of that theory.

Additionally, this would seem to imply that these components are not necessary for a Synth to "live." Does this imply that Synths are truly Human and not extremely advanced androids? Are they simply lab grown people with devices implanted into them for whatever purpose? Perhaps to make them compliant? While we do see Synths being created in Fallout 4, perhaps we aren't seeing what we think. Also, I'd like to add that thanks to Kellogg's inventory, we know that The Institute is able to implant such tech into a living person's brain, seemingly without harm.

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My guess is that this is The Railroad's "nuclear option" when it comes to hiding synths. I would assume The Institute has a way of scanning a person to see if they have these components installed or not. Perhaps it is a dangerous or costly procedure which is why they typical prefer to mind wipe and/or simply remove the synths from The Commonwealth altogether.

Please feel free to call me out. I'd love to know if I'm getting this all wrong.

I posted this comment to a youtube video mentioning Glory's missing Synth Component, but I figure I'd hear back from someone more quickly if I left it here.

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