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I feel like this game would be cool if it took place in Pennsylvania or New York, considering that in fallout 4, it talks about how the confirmed bombs already hit there. I suppose a game fully about Alaska could be cool too.

For this, I’m basing it on Pennsylvania.



-Yao Guai


-Deathclaw(it’s a staple of fallout, I had to)


-Bloat Fly


-Honey Beast

-Giant Ants

-All Feral version from FO4 (minus pink ones)

-Super Mutants

-Mutant Hounds

-Mice (from Nuka World)

-Possible Alien cameo?

-Super Mutant Behemoth

-Fire Ants


-Attack Dog

-New Bird-type enemy

-One Panther

You were born into a pack of Raiders but later ran away because you didn’t like their ideology.

The Enclave is trying to rebuild out of the BrotherHoods reach. You can either join them, or go against them.

This version of the Enclave wants to be a genuine Government of the Wasteland

Near the end, the Brotherhood arrives, and you can either betray the Enclave, or stick by them

-Enclave -Brotherhood Of Steel -Responders -New-Anti Government Faction -Institute Remnants


-Independence Hall

-Lots Of Slocum Joes

-Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia( possibly filled of raiders/ghouls)

The New Republic Of Dave

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Philadelphia Zoo( location of Vault 43)


-Mods for Xbox/PlayStation

-Creation Club


-Companion Perks

-Single-Story player mode and a Multiplayer mode

-Vault 43 (10 men, 20 women, and one panther)

-Vault 61 (One woman and 100 cats)

-Vault 72 (Was made fast and was extremely under-populated) Original concept by u/Sylandrophol

-Vault 33 (People were exposed to extreme Cold and Fog) Original concept by u/Sylandrophol

-Vault 18 (People were forced to fight like Gladiators) Original concept by u/Sylandrophol

-Vault 24 (Vault for Vault Tec Scientists/ higher ups, where they would monitor the data they collected from the other vaults, after they died, robots would take their place)






Red Scare



(Feed Back is appreciated)

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