I’m experiencing several problems with running the game after coming back for a while…

Content of the article: "I’m experiencing several problems with running the game after coming back for a while…"

I posted this in the Fallout 4 Discussions on Steam yesterday but nobody has since replied.

I have no idea what's going on because I decided to play F4 after a while so I reinstalled it and there's several problems that came up.

Firstly, there was an issue with my screen losing signal during when I'm only playing Fallout 4. I have an RX 580 graphics card, and this fix seems to help so far.

Secondly, for whatever reason, Fallout 4 seems to be stuck at 48 FPS. In my 60+ hours of playing this game so far, it was never capped at a weird FPS, only capped at 60. I know I can go into UsersmynameDocumentsMy GamesFallout4 and change the "iPresentInterval" to 0 to fully uncap the FPS. At fully maxed graphics settings (at 1080p instead of 1440p albeit) I can achieve consistent 144+ FPS but I know I can't because even Skyrim can only do 60 or less.

Thirdly and most recently after reinstalling like 4 or so days ago, the game straight up doesn't even want to open anymore. I can get to that initial menu where I can change the graphics settings and press Play, but after hitting play, the game opens as a black screen then stops. Before this, I was able to click the taskbar and it'll run fine since I read that in a forum. Just this morning I was playing for like 10 minutes before stopping again to do something else, and when I came back it still won't successfully start after verifying game integrity files and reinstalling several times. I ran into this Fallout 4 Tweaker by Bilago or whoever, and most other forums advised to disable the intro video and godrays. Didn't work, and I don't know what else to do.

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Yesterday I managed to finally get in after just repeatedly pressing play, and after maybe less than an hour of playing it suddenly crashed.

Specs if helpful:
AMD Radeon 2700X
AMD RX 580
16 GB RAM @ 3200

I also have the latest Radeon Software graphics drivers (20.7.2) but it can't really be the drivers' problems if I was able to run it successfully with these same drivers.

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