I’m only lvl 95 I’m sorry I couldn’t defend you and our camps from the griefers… TLDR

I've been noticing a bunch of grief from high lvl players agressing towards lower leveled players. I've also started to notice even if you don't engage they can still obliterate your camp.

I try to defend you when I can or at least take the focus off you for a few moments so you can sever hop or run.

Sadly I don't have a weapon that does 1000 + damage in a single shot and will likely die too fast to actually help.

So I just wanted to say that I'm sorry I can't help more .

I also wanted to ask why all the agression all of a sudden … Go to a SBQ event and everyone's trying to stab and shoot me while I'm trying to do the event. New vault dwellers being harassed at the overseer cahe…

I'm not the toughest player and I play on PC with a controller and can barely access my favourite wheel lol…. In fact I'd say I'm awful at video games..

But I'm still gonna shoot them in the face for you ….. At least just so you know that not all of us are like that and the vast majority of the community is really amazing.

PS. This is why people find value in FO 1st. I went to lvl 90 before I pulled the trigger…. I pay and I still can't "win" as an FYI.. lol I have no advantage and I still die instantly trying to help other players, so if anyone has advice on how this pay to win system helps me win please tell me so I can win against all the rude bullies.

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Also if you are having these issues …. add "Lucius.Blackworth" I can't promise to always save you but I'll try my damdest.. I'm also always willing to play on my private server with you so we can all enjoy the game without the added stress. We come here to escape not to get bullied.

End rant.. Also thank to everyone who's ever helped me and helped make my character who he is through good deeds.

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