Im perfectly fine if there is no full on fallout title released in the 2020s

Content of the article: "Im perfectly fine if there is no full on fallout title released in the 2020s"

im okay if there isnt a fallout game released this decade. bethesda has yet to drop two unannounced games and everyone wants good quality in terms of the engine running smooth on all platforms with graphics, gameplay, and no glitches. bethesda is still using the creation engine which is already a modified version of the engine ran on Morrowind. every game released up from that point in time has all ran on a similar or yet modified versions of the creation engine which is aging worse in time. even call of duty now has completely redone animations with weapons along with a different movement system. yes it feels similar to battlefield, but call of duty has evolved with the times and still creates the competition for the fps genre. not that call of duty should ever, ever inspire fallout but thats embarrassing that even call of duty, the first one releasing in 2003 now feels completely different because activation of all companies and publishers realized they cant sell the same game repeatedly for a decade without the quality seeming to drop off. i know bethesda is under xbox again which i hope is extremely beneficial to bethesda so that they can no longer remain in meme status. imagine that 180 of bethesda reputation if they spend years working on a game, but not to the point of constant delays or development hell. video games really should be made by nerds again because you feel the passion taken out the more as bethesda ages but is somehow absolutely killing it with doom and elder scrolls online. i believe why fallout 76 was in the state it was in because of how rushed the development time was. now again, imagine having the same feeling as playing your usually first fallout game pre fallout 4. fallout 3 and oblivion had graphics that were kind of off but development for fallout 3 began in 2003 and still looked good for 2008. looking back at fallout 4, why is the skyline and background sometimes so untextured on all platforms that the screen stutters, sometimes to the point of glitching or crashing. its not pretty to look out in the distance and see old downtown boston. the city felt way too small for a fallout game but had big dlc areas for dlc to compensate. really in order to have a decent fallout game for the future, developers need time. you cant rush art after all. 6 years should be the minimum amount of time for everyone working on it for i feel that it should be decent (or have some of obsidians writing)

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