I’m pretty sure I know who dropped the bombs first.

Content of the article: "I’m pretty sure I know who dropped the bombs first."

So if you're a fan of the Fallout universe, you probably know about the massive debate about who actually dropped the bombs first. Was it America or China? Was it those scientist at vault tech? Maybe aliens, or maybe PAM, bored AI did it? Well I'm pretty sure it was neither of these options. So who may have done it? Well in my opinion, it was the CIT…

CIT, or Commonwealth Institute of Technology, was turned into the institute after the bombs fell. Whilst this is all good, don't you think they develop way to quickly when compared to other factions? They have synths, an incredible piece of engineering you must agree, even if you are pro railroad. And their intermolecular destabilizer is literally the most insane piece of technology. But this is where my theory begins…

You may want to ask, "Why would institute want all out nuclear war? They have no motive to do so", you might say. And that's where we might ALMOST agree. I believe that Enclave and the Institute are working together. Let's look at some evidence.

Enclave is a continuation of the American government. Institute is continuation of CIT. CIT was most likely funded by the government before the war, as it was a academic place, and most private tuition schools see at least minimal involvement from the government. This means that once communication went down when the bombs dropped, the two organisations also stopped interacting. However, we know that Institute was able to communicate with Enclave, as in Fallout 3 a certain institute official named Dr Zimmer. He makes us track down a synth, even if the player doesn't know that at the time. However, there is a theory that Zimmer was the head of the SRB, which i will assume is true for my theory. If Zimmer is such a high rank individual, why would he just go alone, with no guards? Because he used the teleporter, but I'll come back to that. Another thing that points us into direction that Institute is linked to Enclave is thorough the X01 power armour. We know that X01 was created by Enclave as seen in Fallout 2 opening cut scene. It is also the primary armour of the institute. So that links them closely, but argument could be made that X01 was made by Institute, which would back of the theory that Enclave works with Institute and obtained the armour that way. So I hope I layed out the evidence for how the nukes could have been dropped by institute. But let's talk more about HOW they were dropped.

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In Fallout 4s Switchboard we learn that China's aircraft had flown in, carrying payload. However, that's strange for two reasons. One, if America had troops located in China, how did the bombers pass them and flew across the Pacific Ocean? Surely America or their ally had intercepted them earlier, even with the cold war technology? Another interesting point related to soldiers, is that why would America nuke their own soldiers? Well, they wouldn't. They pulled back their troops from mainland China in secret, because they knew that government was planning to drop bombs. But i believe that Chinese aircraft was indeed over America. How? With the institute teleportation technology. Institute had taken these aircraft and used them, to appear that Chinese were the first ones to attack, leaving USA as the "good guys". Government was certain many people would survive as they commissioned vaults to be built by vault tech which were meant to safe guard citizens. The bombs were obtained from the help of the President, who most likely already made to secure base on the oil rig. They dropped few bombs and staged the whole conflict. It also explains how CIT has such a large underground base, even for 200 years. They most likely had prepared everything perfectly so people wouldn't go searching. They went so overboard with defences that they even put super mutants(Fallout 4 super mutants came from the Institute labs, you find it out by helping Virgil) to make sure no one would look for them. It might be a large coincidence, but it's fallout, which more likely means the writers actually studied lore and set up connections for major reveals.

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But one thing is still uncertain. Did CIT have the teleporter ready BEFORE the bombs fell? Well, we can't be 100% sure. But I bet they did, as we don't know what they were working at that time. We know that by the broken mask incident in 2227, generation 3 synth was finished, and synths happened why why before teleporter, as Kellogg himself found out about this when we follow his memories and him meeting institute.

I know I am not the only one who thought about this and this theory has some plot holes, but please share your thoughts and opinions down below!

P.S. i might make edits as I remember things I wanted to include in originally.

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