In a way to get friends into Tabletop RPGs, I’m making a custom Fallout campaign set in South Dakota, here is the map with major locations

Based in South Dakota, many unique landmarks dot the land, from Mt. Rushmore, to Crazy Horse Monument, the Badlands to the east, and many large and interesting caves.

This Rapid City is different from ours, the annexation of Canada allowed the city to become a hub of oil pipelines and military installations, situated far enough from the border to limit Canadian resistance from targeting them, yet central in the US to be a good base to ship resources to the country.

Many missile silos and communications arrays were built across the Dakota plains and mountains due to its centralized location.

Now however, Rapid City was hit hard in the Great War, leaving it one of the most irradiated cities in the central U.S.

To the south, various survivors and vault dwellers formed small tribes and communities, eventually uniting into the Dakota Confederation, with its capitol in Crazy Horse. To their east, in the Badlands, survivors reformed the Sioux tribe, an attempt at rebuilding a martial culture that had been nearly extinguished centuries before the Great War. They eventually joined the Dakota Confederation as an autonomous member state. With them, they brought the Great Buffalos, huge mutated bison that they had tamed as both work animals and mounts.

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To the North, a wandering band of Great Khans settled the ruins of old Sturgis. Over time, they would begin to civilize and learn to rebuild the motorcycles left in the city, strengthening themselves with motorized mounts. They learned to balance civility with brutality, declaring themselves no longer subject to any other of the Great Khans and naming themselves the North Khanate, and fortifying the ruins of Sturgis into their new capitol of New Karakorum.

A cold war is brewing between the two local powers, with the fertile farmland between them being a point of contention. In both sides, factions are forming supporting different ideas of foreign and domestic policy, from those who fear the Sioux are close to being able to politically overpower all the lesser tribes within the Confederation, to those in the Khanate who think fighting the Confederation would lead to nothing but a pyrrhic victory.

Then in the Black Hills, lies the mysterious A.R.K. a massive carved stone with a sealed single door that puts even the best Vault doors to shame. Nothing is known about this other than the letters "A.R.K." engraved on the door.



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