In An Alternate Fallout 76 Universe, We Rule. (End Game Content Suggestion)

In the Past, I've brought up a few times in here about how I'm getting a little sick and tired of us Dwellers being treated like crap by everyone else in the game. We're constantly licking the boots of the other factions and doing stupid fetch quests or taking out something or accomplishing a mission they failed to do…. Because we're frigging gods.

Yet time and time again, we're still treated like gullible shoe lackeys.

Even the Overseer promotes us to be treated like crap. We're expected to bite our lips and help everyone out. All for the sake of rebuilding America.

I bet, in an alternate universe, we emerge out of Vault 76, and grow instant hatred. The Overseer abandoned us, and set the Vault to lock as soon as we exit. We're given no armour and no weapons to defend ourselves. How the hell does she think we're going to rebuild America when our level 2 toon gets shredded by a Liberator the moment we step out into the sun?

No. She lost the plot and she was manipulated by Vault-Tec. She doesn't rule us or have anymore authority the moment we left the vault and we're locked out.

We'll get the inoculation, we'll share the inoculation with the other factions, but that's it. We Dwellers team up and we take on Vault 79 on our damn own. The Gold is ours.

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We secure the Nukes for us Dwellers and have the Enclave in our pocket. Now we also have orbital strikes to boot.

We're Legendaries with Legendary Gear.

In an Alternate Universe, we take over Crater, Atlas and Foundation. They do our bidding. They lick our boots. They provide us with regular food and resources.

Who's that over there? Ward?

"Finally, someone with the guts to…"

No, shut your mouth, Ward. I ain't getting you sh*t. I got a fetch quest for you…. Get off your lazy ass and head that way. Don't come back until you found me x6 Desk Fans.

Wren? What do you want?

Oh you want me to fetch more broken vacuum tubes? These specific ones at this specific location?

No. How about you go to this specific location on the map and get me a 3 Star Beserker Spiked Knuckles for my alt build of a naked unarmed character for my own shits and giggles?

No…. This location and this specific weapon. Hop to it.

See, in an Alternative Universe, Fallout 76 and us Dwellers would function similar to the Nuka World DLC in Fallout 4, where we can expand our influence and control over the land, which in turn expands our resources, caps and what not.

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We'd need to keep regular check ups on all the factions to maintain order and that would be the End Game Content.

Eventually each faction will try and revolt. Eventually their supplies to us would start to dwindle. Eventually, we'd need to figure out how to keep that control over them and under our boot.

These would lead to public events at each faction, where us Dwellers would team up for big battles at Atlas, Crater and Foundation until we reach Paige, Meg or whoever rules the BoS and suppress them (like Mad Dog Malone) and then they're under control for a while longer.

You can also have side quests where you can or do help the factions out, or side quests where you send people out to get stuff, that is given to you the next day (24 hour assignments/cool downs) – depending on your level of control or influence over each faction determines the success rate of what they return. If you don't have good control, you get a bit of junk and maybe some ammo. Max control means legendaries, scrip, maybe even gold.

America will be rebuilt, but the way we see fit.

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