Instead of Fallout 5, why not Fallout Tactics 2?

So the discussion on various FO titles is more or less always on. Some would like to see a re-imagined FO3/New Vegas apparently, some a new FO(FO 5 probably)…

But why not a Fallout Tactics 2? There has been and exists so much FO and other RPG's. There are so many existing FO 4 Mods and there are alot of full content DLC's coming for FO 4 as well and many projects. There is also FO 76 which with all its flaws can keep FO RPG afficionados content to an extent.

Fallout World is now, after so many years a rich one in lore and more lore is added with every new update. Especially with FO 4 and FO 76 we have so many factions…And indeed I think that would also be a good name for the FO Tactics 2 title, so it's not directly associated with whatever problems come with FOTactics 1. "Fallout Factions".

Technology for such games advanced since 2001 so much. There have been a few titles that display it is a viable genre now and have been quite succesful(XCOM 1, XCOM 2, Wasteland 2, Phoenix Point, Wasteland 3, Gear Tactics). It could work as any of those games, but Phoenix Point in particular with its minor factions allegiances that can give stuff if you ally with. This could both emulate the FO 76 system with Faction vendors and give a reason to smaller Non Playable factions to exist in it(as in get an outfit for Squad members, or a gun or building schematic/Plan).

As for major factions there would be so many to choose from, the classic Vault Dwellers/Vault City, BoS, Enclave, Foundation, Institute, Minutemen, NCR, The Railroad, maybe even Raiders could be represented with those deriving from the Crater, which while scum, can still be in negotiations with other people and factions if need be…

It is still an RPG, but a Stategy/RPG hybrid. Maybe Bethesda couldn't pull it of all by themselves, but now they're part of Microsoft, so there are plenty of companies with expertise and knowhow in such projects). And they can obviously add stuff of their own thoughts and do things that I remember people complained about in the first Tactics title(like grenades and bullets didn't seem to affect walls then but there is the technology for that now and Bethesda certainly used it themselves in their titles).

And there is so much that they claim they can't do in the RPG that could be done there, like functional APC and Vehicles, or using something like the Prydwen for more than a hub, vertibirds could be used, lots of possibilities, since it would probably use a new engine or a much upgraded version of an existing version even, since it wouldn;t have code segments from other games, but could use models and skins from existing FO Bethesda games and even Atom Shop and the Club offerings, that if one things about it, there is so much customization available, that it screams to be made into such a title.

Let's just ponder for a minute the possibilities there(factoring in that there is possible material and room to add stuff within the 3 existing FO centuries, plus years ahead of those). I think it would sell well too and the thriving modding community would add so much to it as in most similar games(though best example remains XCOM 2, FO is and could be a similarily popular title in the modding community as well), especially the ones that are moddable by design(that XCOM 2 is and FO Factions – or whatever other name they give it – can be).


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