Invincible brotherhood lancer glitch SOLVED (PS4)

Early on Nuka World DLC spoiler ahead. If you don't know what the add-on is about, but planning to get into it , just scroll to ūüĒßūüĒßūüĒß emojis

This bug has been around for years ever since the game has been released in 2015, and I've faced it myself, in 2021, which is pathetic. For those unaware: this bug occurs whenever you have progressed long enough in the BOS company where they actually have armed patrols that sometimes hover around the Commonwealth on vertibirds or on foot. If you're an enemy with them, or at least have raider outposts in the Commonwealth, they'll occasionally attack your spots. After a brawl with their squad, or sometimes even when you just fast travel to your raider outpost/settlement, you may find a glitched Brotherhood lancer pilot, who doesn't move or attack anyone, but if there's a rivalry between you and BOS, your settlers will infinitly attack that lancer, destroying EVERYTHING along like trader shops, turrets, water pumps etc. The lancer does not take ANY kind of damage and doesn't move anywhere unless pushed somehow, but will always come back later.

I've had him spawned on my essential raider outpost where I had Shank, and thus couldn't finish the Nuka world DLC properly because he wouldn't give me any quests when agroed by the lancer. My previous save was literal 3.5 hours back, and I did not want to play it over again.

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ūüĒßūüĒßūüĒßThe way I fixed this: I've had my charisma maxed out in order to get Intimidation perk. Then, for good measure, I've dressed up for the occasion to increase my charisma even more. And had a beer (both IRL and in game, because I was very frustrated at the time). I fast traveled to this glitched outpost, quicksaved, and used an intimidation perk on a lancer. It worked after a few times, he became non hostile, but the rest of the camp still tried to roast him. I then barricaded him in 4 concrete walls and left for a solid 8 in game days, fast traveling in between and doing other things. When I came back, the outpost was attacked by BOS again, we've slaughtered everyone, but the same lancer, though non hostile at this point, remained standing in his concrete box, agroing the raiders. I fast traveled away for a few in game days, and, when I came back, the camp didn't give a crap about a lancer no more.

Hope it will be useful for those who encountered it.

P.S I don't care much about how well put this article is, only did that to help out other folks who might struggle with it. I will probably make a quick video with how to fix it after a couple of checks.

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