Is anyone else annoyed by how Deathclaws are treated in the Bethesda franchise?

In Fallout 1, they were super rare, and so deadly that they were considered a legend, or even a cryptid. People who claimed to see them were often not trusted, with people thinking they made them up. They're also in California because the Jackson Chameleon was introduced to California through humans, and the desert is close enough to their native climate for them to survive.

In Fallout 3, this lizard that exists in California and Florida is now suddenly in Washington DC, despite the colder climate likely being dangerous to them. They're still a little rare, though.

In Fallout 4, this lizard is living in Boston, which has a climate the Chameleon likely wouldn't be able to handle (they do need a lot of heat), and exist so frequently that everyone knows about it, and you kill one within the first five minutes of playtime. Yea, it's kinda cool, but it's a huge disservice to the lizard, and it would have been nice to introduce a giant evil creature that mutated from something native to Boston. Also, they seem to die pretty easily for something with such tough skin.

In New Vegas, which was made with members of the original Fallout team, they're still in California and in some regions of Nevada, and have reproduced quite a lot and are living in a region that suits their natural climate called deathclaw valley, where even the most dangerous individuals fear to tread. They rip through even the strongest of power armor like paper, and can take a strong beating before dying. Even starving blind elderly Deathclaws prove a large threat to wanderers, although they're much weaker than healthy adult Deathclaws. This is what makes sense for the Deathclaw.

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