Is Fallout 2 better than the first?

I recently played through Fallout 1 for the very first time and I really enjoyed the game up until I reached the Glow and Necropolis.

Now I am not so sure whether or not I want to play the second one.

  • Fallout 1 became very easy right around the Glow, Boneyard and Necropolis.

What many people praise the old Fallout games for, was just not true in my experience. You absolutely do end up an overpowered jack of all trades, just like in the Bethesda games.

  • The story, dialogue and choices in general were disappointing.

Choices vary from 'yes' to 'no' and 'kill' or 'don't get involved' and pretty much everything eventually ends in combat.

The only times it won't end in combat, is if you were able to persuade someone to not attack you straight away.

And all it really did, was locking you out of content and a bunch of experience (see Mariposa, Necropolis, Decker, Gizmo/Kilian, Adytum/Regulators etc.).

  • Lots of cut content.

Despite installing the Fixt mod, I can't but feel that there was a lot of stuff missing.

  • Useless skills.

Repair and Science, two absolutely crucial skills in all Bethesda games, are absolutely pointless in this game. You can interact with 3 terminals in the entire game. And repair is only useful for repairing the water pump.

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  • Companions.

They stand in the way and they use a very limited pool of weapons due to sprite animations.

You can't make them wear armor and once you reach Mariposa, they will all die.

While Ian was faithful and followed me, Tycho, Katja and Dogmeat decided to cross the entire base on their own because their AI had locked them to a super mutant on the other side of the map.

That target was of course a rocket launcher super mutant, so while I fought the 3 mutants at the entrance, the three of them died trying to reach that one super mutant on the other side of the map.

Terrible coding.

TL;DR: Is Fallout 2 better than Fallout 1? Does it have better AI, better economy and balancing? Is it more difficult than the first one? Does it offer more quests, content and more decision making? Is the story better?

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