Is the trading system EVER gonna get updated? Account wide banking system? Mail?

Content of the article: "Is the trading system EVER gonna get updated? Account wide banking system? Mail?"

For a long time now most of us who play regularly have pretty much established that the cap is almost worthless, pretty much "fast travel voucher points" at the end game, especially if you already have decent equipment. That being said, it's beyond time Bethesda allowed us to do 1 for 1 item trades, or batch trading. Nobody wants to sell their stuff anymore, especially not good drops, the economy is like 90% item for item trades now. And this has created a dark underbelly of scam artists and toxic predators within the community who will steal your hard earned legendaries/loot and log off due to how we're forced to conduct transactions now. I understand there are community couriers, but these guys get swamped with requests and I shouldn't have to rely on a Facebook/Reddit/discord group to perform my transactions. There are easier ways to handle this but it seems like Bethesda doesn't care people are constantly getting scammed and even rage quitting cuz someone took their stuff.

Also, I shouldn't have to pay for fallout 1st just to transfer items between my characters but since I do, I want a safer way to do so. I know it's possible on public servers but a lot can go wrong that way too. Plus putting something in a suitcase, logging off one character and then logging into another isn't exactly an official method, more like a a creatively exploitable side effect of mediocre game design. I think we should have an in game location, like a bank or even vault 79 itself, where a player could store up to a certain weight limit that is separate from their stash limit, and worked as an account wide stash, maybe cap it at 200 lb so we have a nice even 1k stash total. Also, a mailbox system would be nice. I just feel like these are super standard MMO features that y'all don't offer….. At all 🤦‍♂️ it would be something 1st subscribers would love to have as an additional benefit… JUST SAYING.

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