I’ve come to the sad conclusion that New Vegas was a one of a kind game, and I don’t think I’ll ever find anything that’s as appealing as it is to me.

I’ve always looked for another RPG like New Vegas, but nothing compares IMO. I’ve gotten suggestions for somewhat similar games, but none are what I want. New Vegas had everything for me that I ever could’ve wanted.

A blank slate character, someone you can project a story and even backstory on because they’re not already made. This is my biggest problem Fallout 3, Fallout 4, and the Witcher.

I love that S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system, skills, perks, traits, and all of that. I hate games that just give you a perk tree instead of actual numbers you can mess around with to make your character to your precise liking. Want a strong moron who can barely form a sentence but can smash anything in their way? Go for it. It is a completely doable, and fully realized option. Perk trees just feel lazy to me, and they’re in EVERY new game. And as far as your skills and what not, they play into the game, whether it be through being able to pass speech checks because you’re more knowledgeable about a subject because of what you put points into, or whether or not you’ll be effective with a weapon because of the strength and weapon type requirements. They’re not locked behind a level wall, you can still use them. You just won’t be good with them.

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The story, setting, and lore are amazing. Another problem I have with the Bethesda entries is that after 200+ years after the Great war, the entire world won’t still be in shambles. There would be full nations rising, such as the NCR, which isn’t a cluster of shanty towns, but an industrial nation. Of course it has its flaws, but they’re told to you as to not act like they’re perfect. And as far as lore goes, that’s pretty much next tier in my opinion over the whole franchise (other than the retcons in 4, and I’m not even going to consider 76 canon). And the setting for the game, not even being in Vegas, but a post apocalyptic wasteland. I really just don’t like medieval or sci-fi type games.

And a big one is the weapons. I don’t like games where you’ll keep finding the same exact weapon, just slightly higher stats every time. I like the ability to find one weapon, and be able to just use that the entire game. I also love the different ammo types, attachments (which is something I did enjoy in Fallout 4), and the degradation system.

Overall, New Vegas has just set the bar so high, and made my dream game to specific to find anything else that’ll be better in my own personal opinion. But that’s all it is. I’m not bashing on any other game at all, this is just me saying no other games is as enjoyable to me specifically.

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