I’ve finally come back to play NV after giving up 2 hours in the first time. Oh my god I love it.

Content of the article: "I’ve finally come back to play NV after giving up 2 hours in the first time. Oh my god I love it."

So I'm a huge Fallout fan. I know it sounds ironic to say that on a post about never having played NV but trust me. ADHD hyperfixations are intense man.

There isn't a single piece of lore I do not know, I own several pieces of merch (guides, art books, a hoodie, some gifted small collectibles), I used to blow time in class scrolling endless threads of fan art, I have over 2000 hours in Fo4, over 1000 in 76 (which I quit cuz I couldn't keep up with the battle pass), and I've played 1 and 3. I've probably watched hundreds hours of Fallout lore videos, I cook a lot so I've fucked around and recreated recipes and made elaborate cakes, etc, etc. I was a very lonely and self conscious kid if you can't tell lol.

I express my deep deep love of the series not to flex how massive of a loser I am, but to lead up to this. During the summer, I tried New Vegas. And I fucking hated it. I knew all the lore and everything already. I knew it was supposed to be the best. And I HATED it.

I had no fun, I wrote a scathing review on steam. I said the games intro was boring and the enviroment sucked, and the gunplay was ass, etc, etc.

But 3 days ago, I decided to play again. I decided to really force it. What I learnt was that I hated FNV because the internet had really not properly told me what to expect.

When you watch FNV anything videos it's all about the factions and their interactions. But the issue with that is basically all of them make it seem like the time between Goodsprings and getting the chip is maybe an hour or 2 max. No one ever really dives into the like 8-10 hours of shit there is for a new player to do just reaching New Vegas.

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They also downsell New Vegas. I'd always pictured it as maybe half the size of Diamond City in Fo4.

Nononono. New Vegas feels big and fleshed out. The landmass of it is good sized and within 10 minutes of entering Freeside I'd been jumped, lured into an alley, bought a fake passport, found out abt a secret gun stash. Theres so much packed in there.

Not to mention I really appreciate that sometimes it's up to you to put stuff together. Some of the most fun I've ever had in a Fallout game was finding out who kidnapped Boone's wife using my actual real life ability to read people and notice discrepancies and stuff. And then even though it was easy as shit, how uncovering it once I had my lead felt like a Bond film.

My character is far from optimal. My highest skills are speech and guns, I've got good Medicine, and ok Barter, and some points tossed in lockpicking and repair. But oh my god does leveling feel good in this game. Just choosing traits at the start is great (I went wild wasteland and skilled) and every single time you get to choose a perk it feels like a real cool new thing and is super exciting (I have Lady Killer, Confirmed Bachelor, Bloody Mess, and Educated, which I'm now noticing looks like I'm going for max damage but really my goal is to just fuck everything that moves and make human goo). Even splitting up skill points feels good cuz it isn't just Fo4s "level up, put perk point into thing that lets you do what skill can do, level up, do it again" 1 level at a time.

Basically I maintain my steam reviews points that the game isnt super interesting to look at, and the combat doesn't feel the best. But oh my god is it worth it. It feels like a real adventure where stuff is really going on and you really matter and are unique. I've seldom been this immersed in a game. And NEVER in a game with graphics that look like they could've been late PS2. But man does FNV do it for me. I really love this game, and I'm happy I didn't let the misrepresentation of its pace and timing ruin it for me.

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I can't wait to play the DLC, as with 4, I actually like the DLC more than the main story, and I've heard wicked stuff about the NV DLC.

Sorry for the rant. Needed to put it somewhere. Thanks!

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