Just another Appalachian Junkie. (GIVE ME YOUR CHEMS!!!)

So the past few day have finally been decent for me when it come to loot and drops. SO, for the first time in my few months of joining the West Virginia Wasteland I had a very lucky night when it came to loot. I've been just grinding and grinding. Scripting and trading with little to no luck, each day that past I felt like I wasn't getting any close to a build and set-up that I would feel comfortable with and enjoy playing. Until one lucky drop from the Queen herself. After wiping the virtual blood and sweat precipitating from the well know battle of the Scorched Queen I went to collect my booty. Now like I've said I haven't had the best of luck with loot so I wasn't expecting much until I saw the gun.. To my suprise I had received a 3 Star Junkie's Exploding 10 millimeter submachine gun which is coincidentally perfect seeing that I had just recently switch to commando from Rifleman. Although I really didn't know much about the junkie part. Ever sense I can remeber I have always been worried about using chems in any of the Fallout franchise games. I have just always been too afraid of the consequences of the withdrawal to want to try even though fully knowing that the buffs from them are very beneficial. So anyways to wrap this up after some research I've started to try my hand at the "Drug-Game" (My momma would be so proud) I was just wondering what any of your guy's experience has been with this build. I have a few probably most common questions suck as. What chems are best to invest in? What perk should be equipped, and how do you maintain your addiction with hopefully not experiencing the most of the W.D's? I appreciate any help you fine ladies & Gents can provide. Thanks and I look forward to hear what you all have to say! (P.s is there a support group for those of use you devote ourselves to this build than get clean 😏😉)

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