Just finished my last of multiple play-throughs after 4,700+ hours in this game…

I've spent a LOT of time in this game…probably more than I did with any other Fallout game. I can't say I won't pop back in from time to time to fiddle with settlements or look for a few missing magazines, but the quests are pretty much all done.

I have done most of the quests for all of the factions. I've only finished the main quest line as the Brotherhood of Steel or the Railroad, but you can continue to play as a member of all factions as long as you play Bunker Hill right and don't take out the Railroad, doing the various side and radiant quests. I've taken settlements for the Nuka-World Raiders and then wiped them out. I've made peace on Far Harbor and stopped the Mechanist.

Here are a few thoughts (Spoilers):

  1. The stories of the different factions are really the stories of the leaders of the factions. Some of it probably doesn't seem to make sense on a first or second play-through. It makes a lot more sense if you read through everything in-game and look at it as a conflict between Desdemona, Shaun, Arthur, and (for lack of a better representative) Preston, including all of their emotional and political issues, as well as their historical baggage.
  2. My favorite companion isn't an easy pick. If you have Far Harbor installed, then Nick probably has the most interesting story overall, but this is a game that makes me want to take every companion through their story. The weakest is certainly X6-88, but then that's pretty much inevitable given his role.
  3. My vote for the hardest quest? The randomly-spawning "repair the fog condensers" at the Far Harbor settlements usually is one of the hardest (and most fun) fights in the game. I think the last big fight had FIVE damned fog crawlers show up, and they weren't by themselves. As for actual main quests, doing the Silver Shroud quests while using the Silver Shroud GEAR is actually pretty darned challenging.
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So…probably time to play one of the plethora of other games I have…

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