Just finished part 1 of Sim Settlements 2 main quest

Content of the article: "Just finished part 1 of Sim Settlements 2 main quest"

Wow. Just… wow. This is, no lie, the best mod made for any game, ever. Sim Settlements 1 was a great mod, making settlement building easy and fun. Rise of the Commonwealth added the ability to appoint mayors and made city building almost entirely hands off, if that's what you wanted. Industrial Revolution added a complex tech tree and plenty of fun advanced industrial plots. And Conqueror added a conquest mechanic, and factions.

Of course, the community added a bunch of incredible add ons over the years, including some important new game mechanics like automated provisioner networks, and scrap collection beacons. As well as hundreds of amazing new buildings.

Sim Settlements 2 took all the best parts of the add ons and expansions, simplified the complicated parts, sped up all the scripts, and most importantly, wrapped every game play mechanic in fully voiced questlines, which act as tutorials and gradually introduce the player to important Sim Settlements concepts.

The writing is top notch, the voice acting is great, and the new visualization system means you can see important information about your buildings and settlers at a glance. You can now recruit fully voiced unique settlers with back stories, relationships, and their own quests. The new "Municipal" plot type splits out the functions that had been lumped under "Industrial" plots, like power generation, water supply, provisioners, and communications. The other plot types, except for advanced industrial, still exist, but are introduced one by one through quests and scripted demonstrations.

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And the main Sim Settlements 2 quest line is compelling, giving the player a reason to help rebuild the commonwealth. It ends in a bit of a cliffhanger, to be continued in the next installment, and I can't wait for next chapter!

This is without any doubt the most polished mod I have ever seen, rivalling the best DLC in terms of both quantity and quality of content. I can not recommend it highly enough. It's on both Bethesda Net and Nexus so if your game system can handle mods, go and give it a try!

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