Just found a trick to place a flag anywhere (or in my case, hang it from the ceiling)


Edit: there are actually limitations to where a flag can be placed, and it seems it still needs an item independent from the shelf that the flag can be anchored to (in my case, it was anchored to the upper floor that I'm using as a roof). Zimrino has done some further testing and posted the results below.

I just unlocked the Blue Ridge Caravan flag (after I don't even know how many Riding Shotgun runs at this point – I've already gotten two backpack plans and the outfit, still waiting for the gas mask) and I really wanted to hang it from my porch's ceiling. Obviously this isn't normally possible, but being pretty familiar with CAMP building at this point, I figured I could find a way to pull it off if I started trying a bunch of things.

As it turns out, the smaller clean metal shelves will act as a support for flags, but the flag won't be anchored to them, so when you scrap the shelf the flag stays in place. Theoretically, this means you can place a flag anywhere you want. It might also work for many or all of the other wall decorations, but I only tested with flags. This may already be a known trick, but I've seen a lot of videos with CAMP building tips and never seen anyone mention this, so as soon as I found it I knew I had to share it here.

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Update: just tried messing with it some more to see if it would work with wall mounted lights, and sadly it does not. You can get them to show up green on the shelf at the perfect angle, but it says it either needs support or is intersecting.

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