Just my thoughts about older fallout games

So I’m pretty new to fallout universe, and my first fallout was 3rd back in 2015 when people were talking about fallout 4 but I’ve had a bad pc so I’ve decided to play fallout 3 instead, loved this part the most ever since. Since then I’ve actually played New Vegas, 4th, and 76, loved everything no matter the downsides but I could never bring myself into playing og stuff because I’m just used to 3D and I just felt lazy starting it, yet I’ve heard so many good things about first two, particularly the second one, and after 8 months of having it on steam unplayed I’ve finally started the new game. The start was already not great, but for my fault, I wasn’t expecting that intelligence 3 character would not be able to talk properly and it would lock me out of normal playthrough, so after a while of suffering because I got locked out of vault city without any clue what to do next I had to start the new game, and it was fun for sure, but the thing about older, 2d fallouts is that, first of all, they are hard, you’re clueless about what to do because game can’t and won’t tell you pretty much nothing, I’ve had to look up what to do so many times, I know some people find it appealing, but not me, anyways, the second annoying thing is bugs in both obsidian games, and not just weird and annoying like Bethesda’s fallouts or New Vegas’s, no, almost game breaking bugs, I for instance got almost soft locked in vault 13 because every citizen of the vault attacked me on sight for no reason, I literally did nothing and have had great reputation, my sneaking skill wasn’t high enough, and I was too weak to kill all of them, I managed to get GECK by sneaking and equipping prisoner on second floor so that deathclaws will attack him while I run away, but I find it very bizarre nevertheless. As for original fallout, as I was playing, starting as a brotherhood initiative, the game just decided to drop all of the progress I’ve made, and made me literally go and find water chip all over again, meanwhile my companions just act as if they’ve never seen me. Going back to difficulty of these games, these games can literally lock you out of progressing in your story sort of intentionally, I’m talking about Navarro base, where you got to kill the guard standing outside before he alerts everyone and every soul on Navarro base becomes hostile, I saved on a very inconvenient moment, and just couldn’t go back, killing every enclave soldier wasn’t something that I wanted to do so I just cheated, downloaded savegame edit software and disabled enclave alarm flag because I’ve got no clue how to progress otherwise. And in fallout 1 I’ve had the issue with the glow, because as I was going out of it, I used up all my radaway I was still dying of radiation and couldn’t leave the glow, so, I’ve also had to use savegame editor in order to up my stats to not die of radiation, that would never happen in newer fallouts, and I don’t know about you, but I think it’s a downside. Don’t get me wrong, I loved these games, especially the second fallout, but there are huge downsides in them, that’s why I think I’d prefer newer fallout.

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