Just unlocked all 100 ranks of Season 2. Item reviews coming soon.

Content of the article: "Just unlocked all 100 ranks of Season 2. Item reviews coming soon."

Went ahead and purchased all 100 ranks of the new season (2), and will be giving my personal opinion reviews on the more "sought after" items real soon. Stay tuned wastelanders.


 ***Short Reviews Writen Below*** 

Weight Bench Review: I can verify that the weight bench you unlock the 4th rank does have a beneficial bug right now. When you hold A (Xbox) to "Lift", you will begin bench pressing for about the same amount of time resting takes, and will receive a +2 Strength buff for 30 mins. The beneficial bug is that you can repeat lifting right after standing up, over and over & receive the +2 Strength buff stacked.

Floor/Wallpaper Review: The "Army Floor" (r38) & the "Armor Ace Wallpaper" (r55) look pretty bad ass imo. I like the industrial vibe it gives off. Picture below Army Floor & Armor Ace WP

Armor Ace Laser Shooting Gallery Review: I honestly was hoping this would be more than it is, but sadly it isn't. I was holding out faith that you would get to somehow control the "game" aspect of the shooting gallery, but I was thoroughly wrong. It is simply a "conversation piece" interactive camp item. It does make some game noises and your character does interact with it, but that's the extent of it. It's still pretty neat, but not what I was hoping for. Photo below. Armor Ace Laser Shooting Gallery

Electric Train Set: I didn't really pay this much attention when I was scoping out the rewards, but I must say I really am liking it. It is just like the shooting gallery meaning it is just a decoration, but a decoration that is constantly making faint train noises that are not obnoxious like a lot of the camp items Bethesda releases (looking at you blood eagle totem). The train is constantly making the rounds, and even has a little smoke stack going off all the time. All in all I actually like this item. Picture below. Electric Train Set

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Vault-Tec Foosball Table: This is functionally the exact same as the shooting gallery. You can interact with it and your character will proceed to play Foosball without any input from you. I do like it more than the shooting gallery tho, and honestly seems more aesthetically looks better imo. Picture below. Vault-Tec Foosball Table

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