Keeping settler sentries on the guard posts

Content of the article: "Keeping settler sentries on the guard posts"

I know that this is something that troubles many of us. Recently I have managed get some positive results.

When the settlement is attacked, those sentries at the guard posts often leave them to face intruders at the close range instead of using posts as cover, which would give them advantage.

In a nutshell, one should place guard posts in the line of attack and add some fences to the right and left of the post. It would be an optimal solution to build a wall around the whole settlement, but that is not always possible.

I have observed combat behavior. It seems that sentries want to leave their posts for two reasons. They want to get close to the enemy and also want to maintain visual contact with the enemy they picked as target at all times.

When there is a fence to the left and right of the post, they have to go around it. By doing so they actually increase the distance between them and enemies, which is opposite of what they want. Also, they have to lose the visual contact. So, they tend stay at the post. It is not bulletproof and all kinds of things can happen, but it keeps them at their posts more often than not.

I tried it at Red Rocket Stop and Taffington Boathouse. Red Rocket has random encounter zone just across the road and super mutant party spawns often. I have built fortified guard posts. Fortified guard post is one enclosed in the small elevated shack with 2 walls, a doorway behind and the roof. Also I placed 3 junk fence element to both, right and left. Guard survived frequent Molotov Cocktail attacks, which hit the roof. Even several mini nuke attacks, because suicider was exploded by gunfire while it was far enough. Other settlers went around fences and helped the guard. I must say that I am arming all the settlers with automatic pipe guns. Guards have decent armor and more advanced pipe guns (like hardened auto)

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At Taffington Boathouse I placed a fortified guard post facing north (towards the hospital). Junk fences were place in 'L' shape covering northern end and northern corner. The guard never left the post during the attack. Another fortified guard post was placed far to the south, with no fences around it. I had no faith in that post, but guard also stayed inside for some reason. When raiders attacked I arrived a bit late. What I found was 3 dead raiders in front of southern post. The guard obviously mowed them down while they were charging him. A legendary raider was pinned down against northern fence in the blind spot of the guard. However she couldn't fire her gun either. Several settlers were peeking around fence and firing at her. Se couldn't do anything, just kept swearing and cursing until I finished her.

Without enough Charisma to link the settlements, I am using whatever I can find on the spot, and wall around the whole settlement is out of question. Also, each settlement has large plantation of mutfruit, which covers a lot of area. I am selling mutfruits for plasma cartridges and flamer fuel. Actually, I am not calling them settlements but farms, because that is what they are. Each one has 3 guards and 9 workers. I could have more of them, but prefer them to have some dignity, rather than pack them together like sardines. Each farms earns me 29 mutfruits daily which I sell for 3 caps apiece.

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