Kindest examples of Fallout players

What is the kindest thing another player did for you?

How did you pay it forward?

1) It was a few days into Fasnacht parade and I don’t know what was going on in the server I was on but only myself and a level 107 showed up at 10AM run. He did most of the heavy lifting but I helped as I could. Again at 11AM it was only us. Afterwards, he got my attention and dropped a bag. There was lots of stuff in there but the best was a Level 10 Executioner Marksman Sniper Rifle. I had been stuck using hunting rifles for so long! I was less than level 20 and that rifle was my prime weapon up thru level 45. I, sadly, do not remember his name. I thought about selling the weapon for cheap or giving it away to another low level player but I was too attached to it. So it is now on display.

2) I saw a weapon I liked but lacked the caps at the time. I messaged the guy saying I wanted to friend him so I could find him to buy it later. He asked “Which weapon?” We had a conversation about builds back and forth and long story short he ended up giving it to me FREE. Bless him, Mayhem 93 was his name. I asked him how I could repay and he just said to pay it forward.

So how have I “paid it forward”?

1) I stalk low level players and then drop 3* legendary gear. The purveyor would screw me anyway.

2) I went to a low level players camp. He was excited to see a visit and jumped up and down, leading me to his vendor machine. It was obvious he just built it and was excited to share. There were only 5 items for sale, none of which I needed. I proceeded to buy the most expensive item and then dropped it and other goodies in the brown bag. I got his attention, gave him a thumbs up before leaving. He was confused that I would buy something and then give it back so he could sell it again.

I’m only level 55 but I plan on doing more in the future.

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