Legendary Drop Fun Facts with Keiji week2

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Its ya boi Keiji back at it again with that spaghetti! Originally I was planning on posting this tomorrow night but im about a half dozen vodka lemonades deep and I am HYPE AF!! Anyways so as we all know this game can be a bit whacky some times in the drop tables and so this week I wanted to bring to the public's attention because it doesn't seem that well known of a fact that….

Deathclaw gauntlet, Powerfist, Mr. Handy Buzz Blade, Boxing Glove, Knuckles, Pipe Wrench, Gauntlet and Ripper* currently can ONLY roll limb damage for the second star! So before anyone jumps on me about the ripper include… yes I know the ripper is 'Legacy' atm… I plan on doing a post about the ripper specifically in a future week but that aside it is still one of the weapons effected by this issue. So the reasoning behind this is actually really simple. Its just a forgotten keyword; WeaponTypeMeleeGeneral. When you kill a mob in the wasteland whether it be the SBQ, Earle, or that random 3* ghoul and you roll one of the above weapons the game checks for includes which basically say what effects are allowed on the weapon or armor. In this case since these weapons all lack the keyword required for anything other than limb damage, they are all only valid for limb damage as that second star.


All hope is not lost though because remember this is about spaghetti and ya boi got the sauce. If you were to roll a 3* melee weapon from the purveyor it rolls from a different list that does not need the includes/excludes as the list mobs or the Murmgh's Mystery Pick list requires so its still possible to get that coveted BSS Str boxing glove from rolling 3* melee weapon… but no where else…

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Fun Fact Part 2: Technically the Paddle Ball is also missing the WeaponTypeMeleeGeneral keyword so if it was possible to get a legendary paddleball… it wouldn't be possible to get a swing speed paddle ball… If you ever see one then that shit is hacked AF.

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