Legendary Drop Fun Facts with Keiji week3

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Week 3 of 'Legendary Drop Fun Facts with Keiji' featuring the one and only beloved Mama K is back and boy have we been whippin in the kitchen I tell ya. Originally Mama K had a different Fun Fact planned for this week but after further investigation of the weapons involved in the Limb-guini incident I found out that this sauce held deeper and richer flavor than the first taste let on. So for this week I wanted to bring to the public's attention because it doesn't seem that well known of a fact that….

Deathclaw gauntlet, Powerfist, Mr. Handy Buzz Blade, Boxing Glove, Knuckles, Pipe Wrench currently can ONLY roll agility or 90% reduced weight for a third star! The reasoning behind this is actually incredibly similar to the issue on why they can only roll limb damage for the second star as covered last week. Once again because of missing keyword 'WeaponTypeMeleeGeneral' whenever you kill a mob and roll one of these weapons it is only eligible to roll agility or 90% reduced weight in the third star slot, which only require the much more broad keyword 'ObjectTypeWeapon'. Also just like the limb damage issue depending on where you obtain the drop will determine if the above mentioned weapon will be affected by this. Killing mobs such as ghouls, SBQ, Imposter Sheepsquatch etc or completing events will all result in only AGI or 90% while buying a 3* melee weapon from Murmrgh does not have the same includes/excludes as other lists and should be able to give any combination.

Read:  Is it just me or does this game seem like it’s been even more buggy than usual these past few days?

PS: I am sorry if this week is super similar to last week, and I should have done further investigation and probably released these two weeks together but since I didn't i'll give you a little teaser for what I have planned for week4: Farfalle

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