Let’s discuss the Bloodied Power Armor build

I started using a bloodied minigun with my power armor, switched some perks around, and it seems that you are unkillable with this build. I almost feel like it's busted, because you really shouldn't be so tanky at 15% health that you can stand in a crowd of max level super mutants and just wave at them. My base damage for my bloodied minigun is 159. it is a 3 star, but the stats aren't amazing, just some rando I found at a vendor for cheap. When I'm aiming for the head of something, I'm getting in the 250s to 300s for damage, and this thing is almost as accurate as a rifle, with almost as much range. It's crazy. I don't even have maxed out damage perks because I wanted a little qol.

So this is what I'm using, after watching a youtube video by angry turtle


I have to say though, that it is probably the most fun I've had with a build, going from a melee, to a rifleman, to a bloodied stealth sniper, to a full health tank heavy, and now this. I'm just busting in on joints and mowing down everything. Only time I get killed is when I fight a Queen Mirelurk and she gets a lucky shot in with that poison she hits you with.

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Anyone else running a build like this? I'm still unsure as to how this works so well as a tank build, running on such low health. All I know is that emergency protocol is key to this build.

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