Living and survival in the Great Green Jewel is overrated.

I've been wondering for a while: "What if SS doesn't have any hope in his soul of finding his son. The world is terrifying, and he doesn't want to face a life of hardship without the support of his wife and the love of his child?"

I was getting bored of regular survival playthrough. The rules I set were that I could salvage everything from the Vault, but once outside, I had to go straight to Caravan Carla. Tell her I'm looking for love. Then find out where Diamond City was then head straight there. No saving. No stopping. No collecting 200 pound for passing Go. Also, I jad to avoid picking up EXP as much as possible meaning no killing etc.

I couldn't find Carla in her usual spot on the road just past Concord. Her Brahmin was chilling there, but she was AWOL. So I ran west and then south down to Walden Pond and onward south to the river. Then from there it was easy to avoid trouble all the way up to Hangman's Alley, then it's a straight run past Super Mutants to DC. I made it with no damage taken but about a fifth of my bar down due to dad's from falling in the river a couple of times.

I got in to Diamond City and planned to cook all Polly's meat. (Not a euphamism). But even with Charisma 10 and cap collector rank 1 (I levelled up after finding DC), she sells the meat WAY higher than she buys back. So scratch that plan.

I needed cash. The only job you can do is Shem's. So i picked up more rads but a sweet 200 caps with speech checks. But job opportunities in DC are lacking tonsay the least. The only other jobs take you outside, and that's not allowed in this playthrough.

In my build I had Intelligence 6 for gun nut and science later on and Strength 4 for armourer. I decided to try modding the guns I had to sell them for caps but the mods sell so cheaply compared to the cost of materials.

I picked all the pursuit and tatos but can't make anything good without corn which doesn't grow in DC. I got wild mutfruit from the greenhouse.

Then I decided crime was the only to way to make money. So I started ransacking shops and every building I could break into. I'm almost done ransacking everything and I've almost enough to buy Homeplate.

I've been keeping an eye out at Myrna's for fertilizer and plastics to make Jet at doctor Sun's. Haven't had luck yet.

Once I get Homeplate I want to see if I can build a water pump. The electric pump with the concrete base should work. That'll solve water and bring caps.

My end goal is to make a munitions factory inside Homeplate if possible. Can't remember if I actually can.

At the moment, the Great Green Jewel looks to be having the same problems as real life big cities. Not enough jobs, quite a lot of homelessness.

Does anyone have any other suggestuons? Living in DC has been fun so far. But looks unviable. I'll have to set up life in my own settlement which is actually way easier to do. Tedious without leaving the settlement, but doable (as long as I have crystal).


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