Lonesome Road on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams

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I started proper gaming back in 2017 when I bought my first laptop, was far from a gaming device but on it I tried games like fallout 3 and NV and Skyrim and GTA V. New Vegas was my first fallout game, and I have about 300 hours invested in it. A few months ago I had a month off from university and decided to do my first proper run where I try to max out my character and play all the DLCs and do all the quests I can. My character was a cowboy who also happened to have a maxed science skill (one of my favorite character builds in any single player game) I did everything I had the energy for in the Movaje desert before I did all the DLCs in order, HH, DM, OWB, LR. And I swear, that game never gets old and never gets boring, I always thought the base game was a marvel, and it still is, but as I went along the DLCs things were just getting better and much more exciting, by the time I got to Lonesome road I was having the time of my life. Survival/hardcore mode enabled, maximum game difficulty, the enemies were ruthless and the setting looked like world war V and judgement day had a baby, the atmosphere of the whole thing was just tasty poison!

Something I'll never forget, and the reason for me writing this whole thing was one scene in the middle of Lonesome Road, I was leaving some particular area after looking for any trace of Ulysses and his logs, and as I was walking alone through the Divide, intent on finishing that story that night, on the radio (I have radio station mods) came Green Day's iconic song about my walking a lonely road, the only one I seemed to have known… Just as I saw a deathclaw round a corner in the distance. Behind the screen, I smirked like a madman as I raised my rifle towards the abomination, very willing to make it true that my shadow will be the only one to walk that road with me.

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And that, my friends, was the peak of all my gaming experience. New Vegas ruined many games for me with how it made atmosphere and immersion and the overall experience matter so much more than what the game looks like. Sure, Skyrim is exceptional and Fallout 4 is phenomenal, but I think you all know that the game that makes you a gamer has to have a special place in your heart.

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