Lore breaking weapons; A response

This is kinda in response to what someone posted about lore breaking weapons. Most of it was good except for the 10mm thing since 10mm is leaps and bounds more powerful than 9mm and .45.

I think a lot of the downfall of the fallout style and approach happened with Bethesda. In FO1&2 there was a sort of logic applied to the weapons. When they were developing the game 10mm as a pistol cartridge was all the rage, the Bren 10 was made famous due to Miami Vice the Secret Service was also interested in the round which lead to the 357 sig.

Bullpups were also very popular at the time due to the Aug being featured in movies, the p90 is a bullpup for those who don't know. The FAL was also the defacto weapons of NATO. All of these things were featured in FO1&2

While the "assault rifle" of FO3 is a G3 another NATO battle rifle which is more in line with the original FO1&2 lore. But in FO4 we see a total abandonment of the realistic weapons used. The assault rifle in FO4 is a ww1 vickers MMG. Which doesn't at all fit into the lore of the FO universe.

The FO universe diverges from ours during WW2 but has many things that evolved along the similar path. Desktop computers, small arms, etc etc. Bethesda meanwhile ignores the time line divergence instead building their own sort of head canon.

I will focus on the assault rifle as a case study. If we look at FO1&2 the assault rifle is an AK-112 despite the model looking like an FAL. The AK series rifles started development during WW2 after Russia got its hands on STG42's. All AK family weapons would likely exist in the fallout universe. In the Bethesda games the AK style weapons are "handmades" implying the AK family weapons were never developed despite existing prior to thr divergence.

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In FO2 there is the G11 an HK weapon developed. AFTER the divergence but shows that the development of small arms were continuing on a similar path using real world companies that existed prior to the divergence. Since H&K's founders were born pre divergence it is safe to say they would have founded the same company after WW2 and developed their line of firearms as evident in the g11. All H&K weapons are there for "canon" however in bethesda owned games there are no h&k weapons however there are Walther type weapons, the deliverer is a Walther ppk developed in the 1930's so german weapons manufacturing is clearly established further enforcing the idea that german weapons should and would-be considered canon.

In FO2 there is also the XL70E3, a fictional weapon which is essentially a bullpupped version of the ak-112 but has a lot of design properties of the Enflied and is said to be made out of polymers. Meaning polymer firearms are lore and further evidence that small arms design did not diverge as extremely as other aspects of the game. This also shows that by incorporating the g11(1980's), german firearms and polymers in FO2 that something like a Glock, which is an Austrian pistol made of polymers and was designed in the 1970's is 100% lore friedly.

Now in FO3 we have the R91, which in lore is an American Rifle but i clearly based on the HK g3. While there isn't much information on the weapon in game I feel it is not that great of a leap to say it is an American Rifle based on German designs, the largest difference being the fact it is chambered in 5.56. Which is actually a greater point of interest to show that the service Rifle is 100% lore.

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Taking cues from FO1&2 most assault weapons fire a 5mm round which we can assume to be 5.56 or 5.45. The 5.56 is directly related to the development of the m16 family of rifles which started out chambered for 308/7.62 nato but was rechambered for the 5.56. You can see in our universe that NATO favored the 308 battle rifle with the g3 and FAL and Russia preferred the AKM firing a 7.62×39. Russia eventually phased out the AKM in favor of the Ak74 firing a 5mm(5.45) round after seeing the benefits of the American 5.56. All of this happened AFTER the divergence. This shows us that the m16 was in development for the USA and birthed the 5mm round and making it ubiquitous much like it is in the real world. Perhaps the AK112/R91 is a compromise adopting old world weapon designs with new world ballistics. But this also shows that the m16 family of rifles were likely developed and are lore friendly.

Now in FO4 everything I just mentioned was more or less abandoned in favor of "Bethesda Aesthetics" and has no logic to its design either theoretical or practical design. The assault rifle as depicted in FO4 abandons all firearms development both irl and in universe in favor of "looks" the assault rifle I'm FO4 is essentially a vickers machine gun from WW1(maybe a maxim they are very similar), it features a massive barrel shroud to house the water cooling as well as a pump under the barrel to facilitate said cooling. This does not make sense in the established lore. All firearms prior to FO4 share design properties with Post war weapons but the fact the weapon uses 5.56 shows that the weapons developments I mentioned above had to occur but the FO4 weapon would not benefit from being water cooled since it only has a 30 round magazine and is not developed for sustained fire and can weigh up to 26lbs when modified. Now I believe the Assault Rifle in FO4 was designed from the ground up to look cool with power armor.

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The fact of the matter being almost any modern weapon we have today could be lore friendly as almost all firearms manufacturers today have based their designs on pre-divergence technology and that even those that would seem "too modern" would likely still be lore friendly as we have very similar principles being shared both post divergence FO and in our own world.

This is also ignoring Fallout Tactics which has dozens of modern firearms.

Fallout Aesthetics https://imgur.com/gallery/q5AgVJI


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