Loveliest place in the whole of Appalachia

I started fo76 in Nov '18. At the start of December my mam died, and I stopped playing games. I stopped doing anything fun, really. Earlier this year, just before Covid, I had a bit of a tough time and was sent to hospital by my boss for being… not in a good place. After a few months of silence to think, I'm finally becoming me again, and part of that was revisiting games. Anyway, don't want to bore you all if I haven't already, but basically I started replaying fo76 a week ago. My controller won't work so I'm on keyboard and mouse, which is already a huge downfall for me because I used to be a naughty console gamer. I can't get my mic to work, I can't find my POV, honestly, it's probably for the best I'm not really living in an apocalypse. I gave up with the game three times, before finally getting into it again. It feels like a very different game than two years ago, and there's still something which has brought me back to it the last three nights. I think it's worth persevering with, even if you've given up on it. My main point of this post is to say that I'm incredibly shy and never interact with players online, so tonight I was about to run away from a player when they called me over for a trade. Welshdragon** (numbers removed for privacy) came over and handed me a pack of stimpaks. It's stupid but I'd been worried about griefing ruining my favourite franchise so much that I'd forgotten how nice people can be. Thank you, whoever you are. I hope you see this and know you made a difference. And as an aside, I'm also Welsh and I was well chuffed to meet a fellow countryman.

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TL;DR I started gaming again this week after a tough few years, and the awesomeness of fo76 players restored my faith in people

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