Me playing my first fallout game

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So i just started fallout 4 a year ago, and i bought it cause of great reviews and low price. I didn't mind to see much gameplay and just saw few promotional screenshots, but gameplay seemed kinda dull but as review praised it a lot i bought it anyway.

The first time i booted the game and have my first look at the graphics i just said , "What the heck?" The graphics were so horrible and the animations were so bad i literally regretted my decision on purchasing it. I played it for like less than an hour and just kept the disc in my shelf and never saw that game again. Yes, never. It was my 2nd RPG and i didn't know shit about RPG even after completing whole witcher 3 by rolling and dodging because i was carrying too much, but i thought the game was broken that's why i can't run, i was new in gaming then.

This year i decided to try fallout 4 again. Cause i was having nothing else to play, and i was not ordering anything from anywhere cause i am scared af of corona. So i booted up the game again, but this time i was more interested in dialogues of characters and what was going in the world rather than graphics or gameplay ( i have become more mature during this 1 year). And tbh i know very little, that vault tec boy (i just gave him random stats cause i don't know what the hell they were) i just knew that we have a kid and nuclear bomb was going to fell. So when we get out of the house we ran towards the vault and at that moment the game kicked up it's vibe. Nuclear bombs going to fall, alarms going off everywhere, people panicking. As the graphics and gameplay was very bad this moment wasn't that much impactful but as i have learnt to imagine i could totally understand how serious was the situation. When i reached the gate i then learnt that guy was actually writing our name for entrance and lol he didn't himself was allowed to enter. Ok so when we were standing over the platform and the bombs fell, this gave me shiver this time. As i take my time and reached there in like half and hour after starting, and therefore could feel much better about how bad is the situation. And then i played on and on, the scene where we came out of vault was truly one in a lifetime experience. It was so awesome, and the world was felt so real at particular moment. I then continued playing it.

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I have now over 700 hours in that game and truly one of the best games i have ever played. I learnt that games have their own universe, lore, and a RPG genre exists. I am so lost in this world. Inspired by this game i decided to bring skyrim special edition (unfortunately i have to bring digital, i am still old school and like physical but worth it anyway). Again graphics and gameplay was horrible but as i have now learnt graphics don't matter much after playing fallout i brought that game. It was hard at first cause the universe and lore were so vast. But after studying everything that game was so enjoyable. 500 hours into that one and no regret. Fallout 4 was my first fallout game and it was truly the one who actually made me understand how RPG works cause everything comes on screen as a small message and the controls were quite understandable. And that workshop thing was so damn addictive, i can't believe i have wasted so much hours just in that one aspect of game. And weapons modifications were so overwhelming. I don't care about others fallout games for now. I will probably not play them but seriously bethesda has done some great job in creating such games likes this. But i could only tell this much for now. I had so much more to share, but another settlements need my help!! So i have to go….

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