Meat Week: Tips and Tricks!

Content of the article: "Meat Week: Tips and Tricks!"

I made a post for the first go round of Meat Week and I thought I'd pop up a quick refresher!

Primal Cuts: its where you get Prime Meat for the event is a world even and will pop every 15 minutes in (usually) 2 to 3 locations across the map, one in each biome. Now, with the level scaling, even the one in the Forest is extra spicy!

You will have to fight off various waves of Prime beasts as well as a final Prime mini boss. Upon a successful event completion you will receive various amounts of Prime Meat. (what you get depends on where you do the Primal Cuts events – you also get 2 Treasury Notes!)

First and foremost people WILL be afking on the drums and the fire spits – YOU WANT THIS!!!

  • They contribute not only to a speedy completion of the event by getting the progress bar half filled (or more) during the ~2 min countdown at the beginning!

  • They also keep the progress bar from going BACKWARDS!


There is A LOT to do so pick something and go for it. You need to do the following:

  • Clean up any bone piles, Chally poops and fires you see pop up – ignoring these makes the progress bar GO BACKWARDS. You don't want this.

  • Pick the Greens (BIG ferny plant things scattered around the event area) and put them in the stash looking box between the spits and the drums.

  • Kill critters that will spawn and put their Critter Chunks in the cooler thing at the same place you put the greens – its the shopping cart/cooler area with intestines. (Meat on Left, Greens on Right)

  • If you have made Chally's Feed prior to the event there is a big gray hay pile near where she walks, put it there. If you don't have the recipe, Graham sells it.

  • Add wood scraps to the fire!

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But what do I do with all the Primal Meat I got from Primal Cuts?

  • On the spit with the yao guai there is a cauldron to the right of the bear. Put it in there in stacks of 5 up to 15 and each "donation" gets you a level of the Meat Sweats.

And what do I get for all my hard work?

Have fun and Happy Meat Sweats!

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