Mechanics test: Dodgy, PA, Core Assembly and Kinetic Dynamo

A while ago I was messing around with making my needlessly tanky PA dude even tankier – by adding dodgy. At the time it was possible, but not really worth the hassle. After the buff in the recent patch, I decided to pick it up again – and do a bit of testing with the two PA chest mods, that can grant extra AP to work with.

The following tests were done with low/no AP buffs to make things easier. All tests repeated 5 times, the numbers below are averages.

Core Assembly grants a bonus to AP regen

Kinetic Dynamo generates AP when you take damage

  • Test 1.
    • Using a turret at Poseidon.
    • Get hit by 3 salvos from the turret. Record missing AP as last bullet hits.
    • No mod: 61,4
    • Dynamo: 3
    • Assembly: 6,6
    • Very close results. Both mods clearly better than no mod.
  • Test 2.
    • Same turret.
    • This time keep an eye on AP bar while taking 3 salvos, record lowest number seen.
    • No mod: 106,8
    • Dynamo 160
    • Assembly 155,8
    • Again very close results, and both mods clearly better than no mod.
  • Test 3.
    • Final AP after being hit by 18 very low damage rounds from an automatic 10 mm.
    • No mod: 101
    • Dynamo: 144
    • Assembly: 135
    • Despite the low damage (1-2 hp lost per shot), dynamo pulls slightly ahead.
  • Test 4.
    • Taking 3 salvos from 2 turrets at the same time (below Mama Dolces). Record remaining AP after last bullet.
    • No mod: 0
    • Dynamo: 138,5
    • Assembly: 120,25
    • With two turrets firing there's more damage taken, and Dynamo pulls slightly ahead again.
    • Observation: occasionally Dodgy would drain 60 AP rather than 30, likely due to two bullets hitting at the exact same time. The same was oberved getting hit by shotgun blasts; it seems each pellet drains 30 AP, because they hit at the same time.
  • Test 5.
    • 20 seconds of Super Mutant Behemoth facesmashing.
    • No mod: 98 AP remaining in bar
    • Dynamo and Assembly: AP refilling to full between hits.
    • Rate of incoming attacks here was too low, to see if the high(er) damage from the Behemoth would be a benefit for Dynamo.
  • Test 6.
    • Get gunned down by an assault rifle Gutsy for 20 seconds.
    • No mod: AP fully depleted after ~19 seconds
    • Dynamo: AP continually bouncing back up to full.
    • Assembly: Only ~30 AP missing after the 20 seconds.
    • Here, Dynamo pulls slightly ahead again.
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Both mods seem like a decent option, if you intend to run dodgy in PA and need more AP to work with.

Dynamo seems slightly better than Assembly when taking damage – even when it's a fairly low amount of incoming damage. Maybe it's based off of pre-mitigation damage, just like Reactive Plates?

I wasn't able to find a good test target / spot to take larger amounts of damage at a steady pace, to really test if Dynamo would pull further ahead.

Assembly obviously still has the advantage that it works all the time, not just when you're taking damage.

And as a final note, I've tried playing with some stacked AP regen (Well Tuned, Well Hydrated, 200ish total AP and Action Boy) – and even without the PA mods, that's been sufficient to keep dodgy fueled in most situations, while still being able to sprint/jump.

Comments or ideas for further testing welcome 🙂

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