Meeting Father for the First Time is a Marvel

Content of the article: "Meeting Father for the First Time is a Marvel"

Fallout 4 may lack in the dialogue area, but Fallout 4 exceeds at something that IMO, only Fallout 1 comes close to.

When you first enter the Institute, you're welcomed by Father. A mysterious voice over the Institute's loud speakers who has a warm and welcoming voice. The tone of his voice and the usage of his words versus how your character would feel (and just being in the Institute) are a great juxtaposition.

Secondly, upon reaching the elevator, you meet Shaun. You talk to him, try to calm him or get frustrated as he repeatedly calls for Father, and not long after is he shut down, shown to be a synth. The man who greeted you into his home just shut down another experiment to him in front of you – yet another experiment.

You then have two options: talk or kill. Most players (I believe) talked to Father when they first played. And this introduces one of the best dialogues in any Fallout game IMO.

It's a mix of many things, and some require a second playthrough. As mentioned you have the juxtaposes. You have him shutting off just another experiment to him in front of you, another experiment while Shaun is your main goal. It's practically teasing you. Then the acting itself is great. Both on the voice actors and also the character models. Each facial expression for both you and Father are on point, the way, timing, and overall movements of the character models is also phenomenal. You can straight up dismiss Father's allegations. You can shoot him whenever you want. You can talk to him and be swayed. Just in shock. Etc. It gives you many different ways to feel, with the overall mood being rather ominous.

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First meeting Father has been noted as an iconic moment for me in Fallout as a franchise, and I firmly believe no one else has come close in Fallout besides the Master.

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