More faction daily quests for Treasury Notes please! (And remove the photos from our gallery once they’re turned in…)

I would personally like more interaction with the various factions… and have those interactions reward Treasure Notes.

I mean, Raiders have two (Retirement Plan and The Importance of Communication) where you deal with a runaway Raider or find vacuum tubes, respectively. But the Settlers only have one (Vital Equipment) where they’re constantly getting robbed. And then there’s the one at the Overseer’s house (Photo Opportunity)… which honestly needs fixed to have the photos removed from our photo gallery once they’re delivered (it just makes sense quest wise and for player convenience… I don’t need 10 days worth of Crater pics, thanks.)

So, how about adding another quest at Foundation from someone other than Ward that’s the opposite of Retirement Plan where we have to kill the hunters and recruit a Settler? (But we could kill the Settler ourselves and lie about it… and actually get rewarded for being evil and getting away with murder… for example.) Or just any new quest at Foundation if you don’t like the one outlined above.

And how about a Daily or two with the Brotherhood where we have to recover some alien tech or kill a Flatwoods monster… a nice segue to the future Alien expansion… or maybe we have to recover some power armor or energy weapons from a dangerous area every other day. Or recover dog tags. (I don’t know, anything besides turning in Technical Data… now that I have Elder paint I could care less about that quest.)

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Even one with the Free Radicals… remember them? You could even add a gold vendor that sells their Radicals Mask, good for those that missed out, like the Chinese Stealth Armor plans for sell for those that missed getting those… and maybe also sell some new items like a Radicals Armor set that compliment the mask.

Why can’t MODUS provide some Treasury Note quests? Or maybe a Free States bot that’s still up and running or a new Free States community that has stumbled onto the beliefs of the eradicated faction? Or maybe a MOTHMAN daily where we have to wipe out a Cultist settlement because their “god” is angry with them?

Be creative and have some fun with it. Just give us more than taking the same photos, killing the same Raiders, retrieving the same stolen equipment…



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