My Best way to insert the T-60 on Fallout Universe

The Powered Combat Armor T-60 is actually a customization Kit for the already outdated T-45d, the custom kit was being created weeks before the production of T-51b on high scale, the T-60 saw minor operation on Anchorage, but saw in larger numbers to the Chinesse invasion front, where they used as custom kit for the T-45d, the T-60 is better than T-45d but little weaker than T-51b.

despite their numbers, the T-60 wasn't seen in domestic riot control, since the T-51b and T-45d already can handle the job without issues due to the large population does not have acess to heavy caliber weapons. (i don't know why some drug dealer could get their hands on a FAT-MAN)

After the nukes fall, the Enclave still on their stock legion numbers of the T-60, soo they upgraded it to match or being better than the T-51b, but when the Enclave got their hands on schematic of X-01 with will turn into the we love as "Advanced Powered Combat Armor" or "Powered Combat Armor MkII", the T-60 will still be used until the Enclave completly switch the stocks of T-60 and scrap some of their components to the new Power Armors, the schematic of T-60 are still with them in case of high ermegency when the new X-02s and rare X-03 go out, wich does explain how the Brotherhood of Steel have massive numbers of T-60 on their arsenal.

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also my Lore wich explains why the T-60 inst considered a Mark I or II, maybe a I/2 but still they are based on a project of modernization of Power Armor Mk 0.

extra information: would most likely that the T-60 would be called as T-48, but the soldier's saw that the desing of the T-48 is much more bulky and it look's like a entire new power armor, soo the operators start calling the T-48 as T-60, and that not formal name sticks on that, the reports of informal call of T-60 have also been used on the formal documents after it's introduction wich is how we call it.


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