My Dumb Fallout Theory That Could Change Everything.

Content of the article: "My Dumb Fallout Theory That Could Change Everything."

Here's my essay on how and why Father isn't Shaun, and Deacon is. It's a super dumb conspiracy theory, but I had fun writing and wanted to share it with people. Feel free to discuss if this theory is complete horse shit or holds any merit. I'm just glad to get it out there!https://docs.google.com/document/d/13bLGn98ayvfbV10d8FwQJcb5Z9cxNK8RoV5JWScBCQA/edit?usp=sharing

(EDIT 1) Sorry for the paper being fairly disorganized, ADHD makes everything a jumbled mess.

(EDIT 2) Thank you for the medal! You are very kind.

(EDIT 3) I'm almost done with the revised paper that will function as my final draft. I might have actually found the illusive "Todd's Terminal Secret," but we'll see.

(EDIT 4) I haven't slept in 36 hours, and I can feel myself losing focus, so I'm just going to put the TL;DR of the revised paper here. I'll get the paper done, I just don't want to keep y'all waiting.

Revised Paper TLDR BELOW

Agamemnon being the founder of the railroad made me think about the Iliad. The Iliad is an epic tale with the backdrop and major story being in the long going Trojan War. But the real conflict of the Iliad lies not in Troy vs Greece, but Agamemnon vs Achilles. Deacon, founder of the Railroad and Shaun is representative of Achilles, Father represents Agamemnon. You are representative of Briseis, the heart of the story whose physical appearance is left ambiguous in both Fallout and The Iliad. The Female SS is the canonical one, as Nate plays a much more important role. The Chess game is real, thus Deacon and Father are trying to keep you, the heart of the story. This is why it's irrelevant as to why father needs to have a legitimate reason, you are key plot point for the entire story, just like in the Iliad. So the Real Story behind Fallout 4 is this : A massive war takes place between the Brotherhood and the Institute/Railroad. In a closer examination, it is really two sides of the same coin, both trying to get to their ultimate goal, which happens to center on you. for Father, it's proving he was right in the long run despite all his hubris. For Deacon, it's getting you back his mother and getting vengeance for the father he never knew. The key to all this is in Deacon's second talk. He wants you to base people off their actions, not words. Thus, the PAM Mainframe Terminal is Todd's Mystery Terminal, and the final easter egg is that Fallout 4 is representative of The Iliad, one of the greatest stories ever told. I'm going to take a break now.

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