My experience with lost items and support

Last week I completed the season scoreboard, and I was feeling pretty good about it. I had installed the fetch collectron in my main camp and was getting ready to do the same with the rest of my camp slots. Then I noticed something, my alien blaster that was on display on top of my tinker’s workbench was missing.

I thought that was strange, but likely a bug, so I go and check my stash and then it hit me; the alien blaster was gone. Then I noticed I was missing many items from my stash.

Not really sure what was going on, I had removed the vending machine a couple of week ago when I saw a video on YouTube about an active exploit. When I had the vending machine running it was to sell plans for 1 cap, as I had a ton of them and wanted to help those that might need them.

The only time I played on the Adventure server was to complete some daily challenges, as I know there had been many reports about exploits and I really didn’t want to lose my items.

At level 580 and with over 1800 hours in the game, I had many builds, with many weapons. I had quite a collection of fixers, double shot explosive and cools things like that, which I would swap depending on what I was doing.

Now I am left with what my character has on him, a two shot fixer, a troubleshooter's fixer and very little ammo. I lost over 150k rounds of .45 ammo, at least 5 or 6 fixer guns, rifles, tons of plans, outfits and who know what else.

I wrote a ticket to support, and they don’t restore items. Period. Tried a couple more times. No help. I get it.

After this I can’t bring myself to play and enjoy the game when I can so easily lose items that are hard to obtain.

As a customer, it’s disappointing that there is no help for the customer, who purchases the game, with a subscription. As a gamer, I am sad, as I invested time and effort into those items. It sucks to lose them to a cheater.

A week has passed and its clear I will not recover my lost items, Bethesda support will not help me on this. I decided to share my story so hopefully others don’t fall victim to this and can keep enjoying the game. Maybe even that Bethesda cares enough assist customers who experience this.

However I do feel let down, as someone that stuck with the game since beta, supported the game by purchasing yearly subscriptions and atoms, I was not expecting this.

I read about the essays that Bethesda required cheaters to write after a ban. Maybe they should write an essay about how not to treat a customer, and the need for some process that allows a player to recover lost items.

I love the franchise, but I can’t bring myself to continue supporting this project. I did have a good time, despite the many bugs and frustrations.

In the end I wrote this with the intent of making players aware, and that hopefully this doesn’t happen to any of you.

Thanks and take care.

TLDR: Sharing my experience after losing in-game items, that is all.


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