My Faction Choices and Why

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Ok, Fallout 4. So, I play Xbox One, and Id like to make a psa about valuable info involved with which route I take with factions and why. This information is not readily available anywhere obvious when googling endings to decide from, so this may help people find their ultimate playthrough.

First off, ALWAYS DO NUKAWORLD FIRST and get Gages perk and Raider Outposts perk before you even enter the museum of freedom. This way you can still help Minutemen and get Prestons perk. If gages final perk speach bugs out after completing Nuka World, have him as a follower, save outside museum of freedom, enter the museum of freedom with Gage, kill the raiders on the first floor ONLY, then exit the museum of freedom. This has triggered Gages final alignment speech more than once for me.

Now, let me start with an opinion on Ballistic Weave. It is unrealistically overpowered and cheesey. Ok, now I start tradecraft, get the deliverer and keep carringtons prototype for myself. Then, find the institute after becoming allied with both BOS and Minutemen and getting Danse and Garvy perks. Complete mankind redefined, failing tradecraft, do plugging a leak to get Liam's Glasses, probably the only eyewear with a special bonuses, one of which being 2 int so more XP.

Institute destroys railroad and BOS, so murder and loot both places thoroughly. Institute also has the better rewards, power armor paint, teleport, synth grenades, plus many more synths to find around so much better chance at finding full heavy synth armor. Minutemen just feels more goodguy and leaves railroad alone only, killing BOS and Institute, which is pointless because youve already given up ballistic weave, the only great thing the RR has to give you.

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Now you have a pair of intelligence glasses that alot of players dont even know exist, every follower perk besides Deacons perk, Gage and Garvey remain allied followers, new power armor paint and teleport for survival, minutemen and institute remain allied, heavy synth armor, alllll at the cost of Ballistic Weave, Deacon, and a very small portion of your soul! Cheers!

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