My first legendary scorchbeast kill adventure

Content of the article: "My first legendary scorchbeast kill adventure"

Good day all you lovely wasteland raiders I would like to share my adventure with you from the other night, I know it may not be much compared to you high levels but im sure an proud of myself on this

I was heading home after about a week (In game) in the mire, do some odd missions there, even starting the free states missions, when i was heading along the I62 just south of whitesprings golf, getting that nearly home, nothing can upset me now feeling, you know the feeling after a long journey and you start to see familiar places and just know you are starting to get close to home(mind you i still had a hefty walk to get home) Any way, I crouch where ever I go, just for the stealth, caution warning, when all of a sudden, it goes from hidden to caution to danger in a split second, ohhh crap I thought to my self, I look up and see a scotchbeast flying over head, I realise its too late to run and I'm bigger now than when I left home, So i thought lets go big guy, I pull out my bloodied exploding bullet gattling gun and start pumping away, do some good damage, this was a level 50 scorchbeast, not legendardy, so I'm ducking and dodging and duking it out with this thing and finally after what seemed like forever, i see it fall, those things bounce, did not know that, any looting the body, not much goodies, going to leave when all of a suddent, hidden, caution, danger, wtf i thought, look up and bam legendary scorchbeast, Im going down fighting, lets dance, so i am freshly battered, bruised and somewhat elated I'm back at it with a legendary, so again bloodied, explosive gattling gun, quickly running out of ammo, eventually run out of ammo, and the bloody thing mutates, WTF, back to full heath, bugger me, so i just had aquired a .50 cal machine gun, no mods, stock standard, all right lets go, start pumping the trigger and holy crap, my controller, i think shit it self with the shaking, any way, pumping away, run out of .50 cal bullets, now pull out my 3 star combat rifle, and get this beast down to about 1% health, run out of .45 bullets, so get out my sniper rifle and just take pot shots at the thing, OMG, it drops out of the sky like a rock, run over to secure my loot, a 1 star security baton, are you kidding me, after all that a bloody security baton, which fits my police costum well, but useless to me otherwise, What i didnt realise at the time was that a fissure had opened on the road and so hence the scorchbeasts, the journey wasn't over yet, thinking what a fabulous achievement, had to still battle my way through all the scorched that had spawned around the area, so eventually got back to camp, bessy my cow was waiting for me, and the wandering settler ally was there with a cold nuka-cola and a neck rub

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Anyway, my story complete, hope you likes, if not i understand, im not the most articulate person

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