my honest review of fallout 76 after around 75 hours (spoiler just in case)

Content of the article: "my honest review of fallout 76 after around 75 hours (spoiler just in case)"

this is a review that I'm making for someone who hasn't bought it yet and is a casual player or someone who wants to see someone else's point of view of the game.

fallout 76 is a good game with a lot of reasons to hate it, due to the bugs that still remain in it, but after I have put into around 100 hours on it, I have yet to see many game breaking bugs like duplication bugs that haven't been fixed and have only seen a few minor texture glitches. its not the greatest game ever but by no means is it bad. I personally like running around the wastes with my friends but by no means is it as good as the other games. it has a lot of content that has been coming out recently, but its not by no means enough to put it up there with the rest of the fallout games. it just feels like a mistake that Bethesda have been trying to hide with new content even if small monthly or every other month. it has a good story but its by no means as good as the others and the multiplayer can get a bit annoying when everybody is screaming and you cant hear footsteps or speech. I also don't like the map size, it doesn't feel anything like fallout 4s where you could walk for ages through a sea of pure radiations or like new Vegas where you had to find the best possible route to get to the strip without angering the death claws. some missions are annoying like where you have to get to level 20 even though it was a quest you could easily do at level 10, but some bad quest sprinkled in through like I personally hated the quest where you have to go into the basement to clear it out for the ghouls in new Vegas but all the other quests I loved and i feel that 76 is kind of on the line between the good and the bad because there are some great quests in 76 but there are a lot of bad ones too.

I also hate how you need a subscription to PlayStation plus to play on PlayStation but that's probably just because I'm poor and cant afford it.

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