My hypothesis on how ghouls can help maintain their old world voice

Content of the article: "My hypothesis on how ghouls can help maintain their old world voice"

As anyone who has played a fallout game should know ghouls on average have a raspy voice caused by their throats and vocal cords being damaged by radiation, but a select few ghouls have been able to maintain their orginal voices. While it is never explained what can cause a ghoul to retain their voice undamaged. I believe I may have found an answer. It's what they drink

I believe that if during the ghoulifacation process if the person drinks liquids that are low in radiation they have a higher chance of retaining their voice

The three ghouls we'll look at are Raul Tejeda and dean domino from fallout new Vegas and Oswald the outrageous from fallout 4. All of these ghouls have their voices intact and all of them share the trait of drinking or at least being very likely to have drunken low irradiated liquids before becoming a ghoul

Dean Domino most likely drank his martinis for most of his ghoulifaction process as it would not only hydrate him to keep him alive and taste better than the irradiated water that would be at the Sierra madre but it would have also taken the edge off and made staying there a bit less shit

Raul Tejeda is known to like sunset sarsaparilla which has no radiation in it's normal form. It's likely that since water would be contaminated with the dead bodies of people and dirt and rubble from things being destroyed from the bombings the bottled soda would seem like a better choice for a drink, plus the added flavor. It's likely that as he was becoming a ghoul he would be drinking the soda more than irradiated water

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Then there's Oswald. While Oswald was drinking irradiated water, as he was in nuka-world he and his group would have a large supply of nuka-cola to drink which, while still having rads, has less then dirty water meaning that his throat would've been taking less damage from the irradiated liquids he'd been consuming

This is just a theory though and there are likely more factors to it, the sheer amount of radiation in the area around you, genes and just pure luck along with the other things you've been eating and previous problems with your throat and vocal cords

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