My idea for a Fallout game in Colorado. What do you guys think?

So, I’m from Denver. I love Colorado, and I think it’s a shame it was never featured in any games (RIP Van Buren). I wanted to do a little exercise today, and I’d like all your guy’s help! Let’s make Fallout: Colorado.

My version of the Fallout Universe’s Colorado will differ a little bit from the lore, but since FVB isn’t canon I think that’s okay! Colorado is naturally a, well, naturalistic place. I’d like to have a lot of primitive cultures around, and here are a few ideas for that! But first, let me do a quick overview of the setting.

I would want this game to take place around the 2250-2260s. Caesar’s Legion would be encroaching in from the East, but their holding in Colorado would be limited to one slave-catching outpost to the Far East of the region called Cortex. Colorado, therefore, is a mostly independent region, with no centralized control. Here are the factions I have planned-

The Twin Mother’s Tribe- This one would be the exact same, or at least similar, to what was presented in the Fallout Van Buren documents. They could be located somewhere around the Rio Grande National Forest.

The Twin Lakes Tribe- This is an original faction idea I had. They’d be a primitive tribe descended from a bunch of families of survivalists (5 to be exact- The Aguilars, Collins, Donners, Smiths, and Troys) They were originally from Denver; but migrated decades ago after the raider, slaver and especially dog attacks got to fierce. They’d be a small faction, but you the player would start out somewhere near them. They aren’t pacifists, but they are getting preyed upon by Legion Slavers.

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Caesar’s Legion- Like I said, Caesar’s Legion has a small presence in Colorado at this time, mostly stuck at a small outposts called Cortex along the I-70 highway. The Legion here would be lead by a man named Centurion Cassius of Lukachukai, and they’d mainly be there to collect slaves. I’d say there’d be no more then 200 legionnaires there.

The Hangdogs- Like the Twin Mothers, they’d be similar to how they were depicted in the FVB design document.

The Uncompahgre Tribe- This Tribe would be an extremely violent, and war-like tribe, similar too that of the White Legs of Utah. Inhabiting a space near the Legion outpost of Cortex, the Uncompahgre’s Chief would be extremely interested in joining the Legion and would tasked by the Centurion to help them collect slaves and whatnot.

Buchanan’s Brigade- Theyre wouldn’t be any Enclave, but there would be a faction descended from them- Buchanan’s Guard. Led by Commander Adam Buchanan, they’re former Enclave members who have in the 20 or so years since its fall taken to the abandoned Cheyenne Mountain Complex. They’re small, only about 80 of them, but they’d be important- They’d relinquish the old ways of the Enclave and simply want to rebuild something. Anything civilized. They’d be mostly men though, so they’d be buying female slaves to try and grow their population, or capturing them themselves- No tribal being able to match their power.

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Super Mutants???- Guys give me your opinion down below but personally I think there could be some scattered groups of mutants here and there. They’d ALL be migrated from the masters batch or the enclave’s, only about 10 in the game. Though most tribes hate them, they can’t be easily killed, and so are mostly left alone.

What do you all think?

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